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Canada's fleet of Challenger jets is becoming obsolete

Four of the six Challengers in the fleet will soon be unable to fly internationally because they don't meet new regulations for navigation and communication. ( 기타...

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canuck44 4
Hell if Canada can send our Naval Aviators out over the North Atlantic in the winter in 50 year old SeaKings to fly off bouncing destroyers, let the suits fly 30 year old fixed wing types for at least another 20 years.
I don't know if this is an absolute duplicate or just an update but the original story ran here on FA several months ago.
It's an update. Additional details why the jets will be "obsolete."
I'll take your word on it being an update of sorts but I really didn't see anything new in there that wasn't told before; spending big$ for new ones vs. spending big$ on upgrading 30 year old planes.
dirkjm 2
Hold on a minute, only the 600 and the 601 need upgrading. I say order two Challengers and get this over with. Any of you ever cross the pond in a Citation? Didn't think so.
what about in a 10 or a Sovereign, My buddy from net jets does it all the time in a Sovereign
dirkjm 1
True, that makes sense. Citations are capable airplanes although not so roomy on long flights. Would be nice to have our country's leaders fly Canadian airplane. Challenger 300 perhaps?
flyerh 1
Hey Tobey, did you mean to say to, too, or two?
They left scratchin their heads cuz airplanes are to expensive? I coulda told ya that Jack!
I see the document recommending examining replacement options is a year old.
The regulations that are changing are coming into effect in 2014.

I suspect we can pickup the parts and install work in China pretty cheap, and it fits this governments MO perfectly.


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