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OKC Airport Damaged, 90 Dead from Yesterday's Tornado in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's airport, Will Rogers International Airport, has also suffered damage from yesterday's massive EF-4 tornado. The airport is located just 1.5 miles from some of areas that were completely destroyed by the tornado. The death toll as risen to 90... ( 기타...

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I awoke this morning to this terrible news. Indeed even a thousand miles away in the Seychelles I pray for all families, those who have perished, for my family as well back in the USA in the Midwest. Tragic, tragic, so very sad.
Hans Lam 1
God bless the relatives of the casualties of the tornado in Moore Oklahoma.
smoki 1
Wrong. Confusion and double counting. Actual number of fatalities 25 plus or minus.
Hans Lam 1
God bless the relatives of the casualties.
How did we go from 91 dead to 24 ???
They miscounted. I believe the actual is 28 dead right now
still I don t get it. I understand the miscount/double reporting due to the confusion on site but figure hungry medias could wait before giving numbers without fully checking. It sounds like they were trying to make it worse than it is and that is never good. It s bad enough as it is, dramatization not needed.
Actually, it wasn't the medias fault, THIS TIME, at least I don't think so They took numbers given to them by the authorities. As I understand it, there was a double count or overlap between boots on the ground and the ME's office. Just got the word, that 24 is the official toll.
Ok, but what about that old lady and her dog? Does anyone actually believe that dog was not planted? That story was manufactured by CBS (the originator of the story). CBS stayed with the story all yesterday morning, while the other networks went ahead with regularly scheduled programming. The camera operator and the journalist didn't help that old lady at all... Why? Because they planted that dog and already knew he was fine. Best to keep the camera rolling rather than help an old lady right?

One last food for thought: CBS is dead last in the ratings. Just sayin.
Now Chris, just get you another shot of Crown and believe all that on TV that you see. It's just like the Internet; you can't put nothing on there that ain't true. You know that the media wouldn't fib or stretch a story.LOL
"You know that the media wouldn't fib or stretch a story.LOL"

Apparently helping old ladies out, who are clearly asking for help, is out of the question too.
I fell for it too at first...

In between shots of Crown, I was yelling at the TV, "Put down the ($%*%&^# camera and help the lady!"

Then I had, what we alcoholics call A Moment of Clarity, and realized this story was cooked up from start to finish.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Lives were a lot less stressful when we could just read a paper or see a Saturday afternoon Newsreel about something happening around the world rather than hearing about some 2 bit dictator over the pond farting in public 2 minutes after it
It amazes me that an official whose job is to check on dead bodies could screw up so badly. Why put out any numbers at all until all the facts have been collected?
You ever been thru an F5 tornado??? Cut the guy sone slack and get over it!!!!!
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Massive Tornado hits Moore OK / Let's all pray

The title say it all; it has been classed as worse than 1999
Funny how all the comments are on my squawk about the prayer and mine is listed as the duplicate squawk although it was posted well ahead of the other. I guess this story took precedence since it had one line in it about minor airport damage
skylloyd 1
Well, it looks like your squawk is the only one left LOL, thanks for posting I used your post to find the humane society in Moore to make a donation.


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