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Boeing continuing SC expansion

This time its for engineers for use on the 737MAX. Appears to be getting ready for some assembly work on the nacelles, etc. First non-787 work in Charleston. ( 기타...

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Not sure what the details were of the settlement but some concessions to the NLRB were made regarding 737Max production during the lawsuit. It'll be interesting to see if several of those folks turn their head again and where it ends up. NLRB should probably focus elsewhere and start being supportive of the work that is being done. After all, the plant didn't have to land in the U.S. at all. Last time I checked, their jurisdiction was about 0 outside our borders.
canuck44 4
It will be interesting to see if the NLRB and their union friends begin to object that this work is being taken from them in the Peoples Republic of Washington State. The NLRB has now lost in two different judicial circuits as to whether they have any jurisdiction with less than a quorum after the two "recess appointments", but the unions were under the impression that all the 737 work would be in the Northeast.

Finding a location in North Charleston should be relatively easy and Boeing won't have a legion of regulators looking at every construction move.
skylloyd 2
"737 work would be in the Northeast" you are at the wrong end of the map.
Under the impression is not legally binding, and I would be surprised if the union pandering NLRB didn't take a run at any non union facility start up, in any predominantly non union state. As if we need another scandal to highlight the malfeasance of the current "transparent" administration.
josh homer -2
Yeah! SCREW unions!! Ending child labor, giving 40 hour work weeks, demanding overtime pay!! How DARE they! We should just all work for free!!
Yeah cause unions now are exactly how they were when they were first created...
"Peoples Republic of Washington State"
Can you please further elaborate what you mean by that? Kinda confused here.
The unions run WA
mobilken 1
remove the unions and just maybe we can get some manufacturing back to the GREAT USA!!!
They only said the final assembly was going to be done in WA, not the parts and sub-assemblies.


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