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HILARIOUS VIDEO: Sleeping airline passenger uses neighbour as makeshift pillow

Has your personal space ever been invaded during a flight by other passengers? It’s a common complaint, especially in economy class, and YouTube user Steve Callum can definitely relate. And after watching his latest video on the social media website, you’ll understand why! ( 기타...

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Announcement: We are preparing to land. Please make sure your seatmates are in the upright and locked position"
She was out of it, wow!
I just want to know how the aisle seat passenger wasn't dying laughing.
Maybe a firm shoulder shake next time...
SootBox 4
Take out a black Sharpie and give her a Senor Wences goatee. THEN get some video as she walks through the concourse...
Nothing like a loud fart to wake up that zombie
She needs to invest in one of those neck pillows. Or maybe not stay up all night partying.
This woman had to be on drugs or something! For anyone to be that out of it on an aircraft is ridiculous! I would have kept poking her (HARD) until she got up and moved. Take your hangover somewhere else Miss! LOL
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the safety issues! Clearly gate agents and crew had no problem with her during the boarding process, and perhaps with enough effort she could be roused...but IF she was under the influence of something think of the danger she presents by not being able to get herself off the plane or having crew take extra time while those golden seconds tick away...and what if she is so slowed she is delaying the rest of the passengers from a quick evacuation? On a more casual note, one could have tried to wake her and offer her the window seat so she'd have a wall to collapse on...or get some duct tape and secure her head upright to the headrest...

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Phil, old guys like you shouldn't be talking like that!!! Notice how she wiped her mouth after she raised up...
this happened to me on a shenzhen airlines 6am flight from SZX to PEK flying ID90 on a deadhead back to Chicago due to me being over my 80 hours and i wanted to get home. i got stuck in a middle seat during seat assignments. the little chinese girl in the isle didn't speak a word of english and her mandarin dialect was so strong i could not understand her. she was definitely in her early 20's and looked exhausted. 30 minutes after take off, she plopped her head on me and remained that way through the flight. as awkward as it was, i didn't care too much figuring i would just let her sleep. i do have a pretty good photo of it somewhere though...
She looks like she may be a flight attendant dead-heading home ...
I'm thinking she took some pills or something, at the least. She's nodding out like a full on junky.
I hate sharing armrests with the people sitting next to you,especially if you and the other passengers are next to you are excessively overweight.I"m not having a dig at large people but I am extremely dissatisfied at airline policy over the lack of space allocated to economy class.(Feels like your a sardine in a tin can)
If that is me in the seat next to her, she's getting an elbow in the chops.
s2v8377 1
Another happy flight on Southwest!!!
Thats WN for you hahah .
Pour a small glass of water in their lap and comment that if they needed out of the seat you would have been glad to move.
He shoulda pulled out his "mic" and tried to move her head up and down about 300 times lol


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