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TV anchor, namesake to re-create Amelia Earhart flight

Denver TV anchor Amelia Rose Earhart, distant relative of Amelia Earhart, wants to re-create and complete Earhart's attempted around-the-world flight next summer. ( 기타...

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Not exactly trail blazing through uncharted waters with old Mr. Noonan, some 77 years later, but hey, if you can bag sponsorship like that for a 2 week flying vacation, why not. Kinda think though, if her name were Autumn Violet McGillicuddy, the sponsors might not have been quite so quick to take the bait. But who am I to judge, about all I have been able to re-create is a NASA form. Here's to successful re-creating!
Maybe it will become a real story if she completes it in the same way here namesake did. Maybe the search will come across the first one. Until then, a dog sees man story: no bite to it.
I hope not. That's a lovely airplane to end up in the sea!
In a PC-12 NG. Non-story
Toby Sharp -1
not a none story....just Worlds Different.
Hey Amelia... best of luck! Don't listen to the "good old boys club" and follow your dreams!

Of course, the 'die hards' would want her to fly a C-180 with steam gauges, just like Jerrie Mock did when she completed her RTW flight in '64.

When Amelia completes her flight next year, maybe the first two posters will have a less jaundiced opinion of her.
The "good old boys club" here you are referring to means exactly what you just said. You actually have to fly and do some airmenship in an old steam gauge radial Beech like she did before. Going GPS DIRECT on autopilot the whole time while you are looking out there window taking pictures is a tad different then what her Relative did. Blue Skies to ya
I won't, there's a big difference between doing something yourself, and doing it while your hand is being held.
Good looking chick though, she'd make a good wife!!!

Which one?
Hey lads, one look at the face, let alone the name, and I don't think either one of you could afford the sponsorship. As a wife, I mean. And call me an old sexist $%#*&^%, without the face and the name, she might not be a TV anchor either.
If you ever run for got my vote...
Not very likely Toby, don't have a very good poker face, and not near the memory required to keep up with all the lies that seem to be necessary to run for the office, let alone hold it these days. Besides, flying jets is way more fun than sitting in the back of them! Cheers!


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