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Engine failure and crash caught on GoPro cameras (VIDEO)

A pilot loses engine output on takeoff and makes a crash landing into a tree. Video captured by three GoPro cameras. ( 기타...

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Can someone please explain how turning nose first into the tallest tree in the area is preferable to any one of the many flat grassy areas seen on the video in the vicinity?
joel wiley 11
Perhaps this would be help answer your question:
This is an example of what can happen in a similar accident:
Here's another description of this second crash:

The only difference between these 2 accidents is that in one, the occupants were able to walk away. The other not.
Here's a video of another similar incident but in a Cesna-172, and the pilot chose a grassy area ahead, instead of turning sharply toward a road.
That was my first reaction
My guess would be he was going for the highway, just didn't have the airspeed or altitude to finish the turn.
Maybe it was the sound quality or I'm missing something but I never heard the engine go out or ever really noticed a speed loss
It sounded to me like it slowly lost power as it crossed the departure end of the runway, then quit all together at the fence. Engine failure at that point is many times fuel related. If the fuel shutoff is turned off, many airplanes will have just enough fuel in the lines to get that far.
Sounded like it needed oil. Lol
The engine did seem to slowly lose power as it crossed the departure end.
By the audio, this all seemed staged.
Staged? Really? You think there is a pilot in the world that would plan on crashing into a tree shortly after departure after losing an engine? A crash like that could easily become fatal... you think he recorded that video just so he could get hits on youtube perhaps?
Less likely, but stranger things have shown up on Youtube. Then again, it could have been a '(im)practical joke' by one of his "friends" helping him do the shoot.
OTH, he may have been trying for a Darwin.
Could anyone be so stupid? You bet.
I used to think all pilots were above normal intelligence since those are the people that I was surrounded by. When I was appointed an aviation safety counselor I met some people that I couldn't imagine on their best day could walk and chew gum at the same time - how they ever passed their 3 part exams to get their private was beyond me.

But ever since the day of the barnstormers who crashed on purpose, I haven't heard of anyone (who was not suicidal that is) that is willing to crash a plane on purpose (at least while still in the plane, not like those who crashed a 707 for nasa back in the 70's and those guys on the discovery channel who parachuted out of the cooper stairway in the mexican desert.)

But the dumb luck to hit the only tall tree around? you had to break some serious mirrors, seen a ton of black cats, waled under a lot of ladders, opened their umbrella....... etc etc
Yep, that's what I was thinking as well.
That's what I suspected.
I always look for the tallest tree in the county to plow
In the cockpit view @ about 3:05, I thought it was target fixation, but looks like he was looking at the road. When he looked ahead again, he was in the trees less than 2 seconds later. Lucky him.
I know, right? It happened fast, depending on the person it could have felt like 5 minutes if everything went into "slow motion" as his brain focused to save his life, or it went super fast like a blink of an eye.

Im guessing he was going for that road with no traffic, when ran out of everything good - (sky, airspeed, altitude, lack of trees) lol

But really - what is the first thing your instructor teaches you - look for a spot ahead. No need losing any of that precious vertical component of lift to make a turn - stay wings level unless absolutely necessary.

Oh well, at least everyone lived and everyones insurance premium is a little higher. LOL
Good Morning young man; how you doing anyway
My Peripheral neuropathy pain is getting worse, there is pressure somewhere near the spinal cord and the pain is getting more intense as time goes by. When I fell it caused quite a bit of pressure on the nerves in my neck, arms, shoulders, mid back - and causes other pain at certain below those levels.

I have had a few hours though, here and there, where I felt less pain. I even had a couple "good days" where the pain was 5/10 rather than 9/10 (leaving room for torture with exact knives as 10/10) -

I hope that in time the good hours or days last longer- perhaps as I learn better to cope with the pain. At this point I am not sure if I will fly again. I sure hope so though, I miss it a lot. I miss leaving the house, doing the things I want to do..

All of you - don't think this cant happen to you, it can. Live each day as if this will happen to you tomorrow. If you have an idea you are waiting to do, do it now before its too late. And enjoy each flight, even if its wheels up at 0400 - because you will miss it when it is all over someday.... trust me. You will miss a crappy company like Mesa Airlines - you will miss talking to crew tracking when you have nothing better to do. So maybe I got hurt to give you all a message - stop complaining in the cockpit - forget the politics - because you could always be like me with nerve damage, in pain the rest of your life - and it can happen in an instant, no time to brace for impact, no time to avoid it, when destiny comes to you - you have no choice!
Well, the fact that you are having some good days at all is a sign of improvement, no mater how small. Cherish the moment. I hope your message here to others is taken to heart. We never know what is coming our way in the next moment, let alone tomorrow. We'll still be praying. You just have the faith and keep hanging in there.
No promises but give me a home airport and we'll see if we can't drop by there and at least get you up for awhile if you are able.
Yes, it is definitely an improvement, thank you. I have a long road ahead but I am not giving up. I hope I am able to fly again, once I am better I will need a job and I already told you I am very interested :) Next time you are in the Chicago area it would be nice to have a visit. I live between O'hare and Palwaukee (Chicago Executive), KORD, KPWK I am 4nm North of KORD and 4nm south of KPWK. Midway is not that far distance wise, but can take up to 4 hours with traffic due to construction - if the planets all line up against you.

I cant promise that I will be well enough for a long visit, or even to leave the house - but it would be nice to get together nonetheless.

10-4, I guess we'll see what the schedule brings
smoki 1
Me thinks its a case of having more money than brains.
Somebody below here suggested it may have been faked,idk.
btweston 0
Perhaps you should question his actions from the safety and convenience of your computer.
OK, I will. The only less favorable outcome would've been nose diving into those tin buildings.
btweston -1
Or like maybe if he had been harmed at all. That would have been worse. Wait... I wasn't even talking to you.

What's your deal, friend?
It almost looks like he did it on purpose... From his first statement, it sounds like he had a prepared statement of what to say. Looks pretty much like an idiot to me.
Looked like a model airplane to me.
And yet another blow to our public education system, yet another assault on the English and communication classes.
It would be entirely too much to expect read an article with WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN AND HOW.
In the age of CNN,FOX etal, in a word, yes.
It is too much to expect IMHO
crk112 2
Glad this turned out as well as it did.. looks like no injuries which is the most important.

I was trained that for an engine failure after takeoff at less than 500 feet to keep wings level and not to attempt such a steep turn. 500-1000 feet turn up to 30 degrees heading either side of runway heading, and after 1000 feet would I attempt a turn back to the airport.

Just my two cents.
Amazing! Glad that ended without injury. What type of AC was that?
HA! Could Be!
Wow, so much to say, I won't. I do suspect that with the proliferation of the Go Pro and other mini cameras, we will have the opportunity to experience many more up close and personal encounters with trees and such. Just hope for similar results. Injured pride and airplanes, no injured people.
Looks like a YouTube stunt. The pilot needs to looked at by the FAA. Am, sure this has been accomplished.

"Hi everybody! You survived a plane crash!" It looks like he tried to land on the highway, but didn't have enough speed to finish the turn.
crk112 1
Doesn't seem likely that a "reasonable" person would fake something like this. If you pay attention during the initial climbout it becomes evident somewhat early on that something is amiss... the airplane is clearly struggling to maintain a climb. This would be just about the right time for the engine to run out of fuel if someone forgot to turn on the fuel selector.

With that aside, faking something like this is still a huge risk. Seems like a VERY stupid idea when you can't guarantee escaping without injury. I would hope that someone who is smart enough to get a pilots license and mount GoPros to the outside of their airplane would have good enough judgement to not stage an airplane crash.

Because then they'd have filmed their own insurance fraud.
Let me guess, he didn't check the fuel or turn on the tanks before his takeoff?
Hmm i saw a nice 4 lane road he could have landed on and still maintained proper glide speed . FAKE
It looks like he was trying, but did not have enough AS to turn
I use to tract my children when they fly. It is so good to see when they take off and where they are and when they arrive at their destination. I don't know how to set up my site with picture,etc. I'll have to wait until one of my children is here to help me.This is really interesting and make a Mother's heart feel at ease to know every thing went well. Thank you for this Tracker. M. Tyler
Arm chair of course, but he was having trouble early on, and a with a little sonner decision, he would have made the highwway, but at that low speed it could have killed him, why he made the turn is the question, when one of the first things we're taught is to continue straight ahead on departure when confronted with any power loss.But.. he survived... So Nice treee landing champ ! :)
my gut feel knowing there was going to be an engine failure which the pilot probably didn't expect would have been to bank left a bit. open fields and such.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Small Plane Crash with cameras rolling, and with open comments on Youtube

The previous video had comments blocked on Youtube. This one it open. Feel free to post on it.


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