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EL-AL crew turns plane around for cancer patient

An 11 year old cancer patient lost her passport on the way to NY from Israel to attend a camp for young cancer patients. It's very unusual for a plane to return to the gate ( 기타...

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Kudos to El-Al Airlines for going the "extra" mile. This undoubtedly was a huge cost to the airline, not only in fuel, but, in all the associated logistics in returning to the gate and being handled and then being pushed back out.

This pilot, and those involved deserve many high regards for doing something special for what may end up being one of the last great things this young girl has a chance to do.
Dangit, who's chopping onions in the office??
Ken Lane 4
Very cool story. You know this cost the airline a good bit of money and it delayed travelers. But no amount of money can buy El-Al the good will done by the act of these pilots.
You cannot buy this kind of good publicity. Who cares what it cost, it was doing the right thing and I hope it is something that inspires others.
Those are some awesome pilots. I've never heard of something like that.
As a pilot who has dual citizenship, USA and ISRAEL, I am proud of this occurrence. I wish I could fly for them but since I was born in the USA and did not serve in the Israeli air-force I will never be allowed to work there.

Maybe some day that will change, it would be nice since plenty of airlines here in the US hire Israelli pilots (as well as any other nationality). But in many countries it is this way - with requirement of being in the military to fly commercially.

My step uncle was a chief pilot for their 747 fleet. He had a great career flying a P51 Mustang, F4 Phantom, F15 Eagle, and the 757, 767 and 747-200 or 747-300... not sure which. He is gone, so is my step dad, but he was a great guy. He got me a pass to a military demonstration air show in Israel - where they showed off live fire demo's from the Cobra, and other aircraft, and was the only time I saw a supersonic F15 that passed pretty close to us at supersonic speed that damaged my binoculars!! thats not just a window pane, with thin glass, those lenses are extremely thick!

Anyway - EL AL, if you read this - I WANT A JOB :)
In this day and age where it is all about the money and what's in it for me, I think it is Godly and extraordinary what that crew did for that your lady. Excuse me I need a kleenix.


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