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Allegiant Air flight lands safely after gear reset

Allegiant Air MD-80 lands safely after landing gear failed to extend proper while on final to Sioux falls Regional Airport Thursday afternoon. ( 기타...

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nothing to see here....move along
Fly enough and this kind of things happens.
Within the past 2 years it's happen to me 6 times in 3 different airplanes, with 3 of them happening in a 2 week period. All bulbs, and 4 times with the same people. Talk about luck or lack thereof...
We on a regular basis have a Gear Disagree... Fairly routine the way we fly these planes...

Check out this guy... He actually does a gear up touch and go, cycled the gear and made a perfect landing.
I never heard of that, was it a complete F up? I've never heard of a "Gear Lever Disagree" before, unless that just means it disagrees with the checklist. Are they saying the handle was down and they had 3 green? Cause that is pretty hard to believe...

No... The crew had a "Gear Handle" Disagree message. Handle was down, and he had 3 green. Note in the picture the Nose gear doors are open. NTSB tested 5 of their planes and was able to duplicate the fault, and then went to 5 other airlines with the same plane and duplicated the same fault. PSEU software was the blame. Embraer came out with a PSEU firmware upgrade that was a no fix. Now pilots have to cycle the gear when ever they get this message.
Holy cow I've never heard of anything like that! Thanks for the info sparkie.
That's interesting, hadn't heard of that one. I've jumpseated on the RJs before, and as I recall the noise of the gear extension is unmistakable. Of course, most of that is due to the nose gear doors being open, so...I'd bet that the PF still instinctively "felt" something odd, in the back of his mind. Missing drag, etc. Despite the three greens. Also the sight picture when the mains should have touched down, being so far off gives you that "Oh S" feeling.
Keep in mind, pilots are trained to trust instruments more than feel. Hearing the doors, you know the doors are open... He trusted his messages, and in reality, I cannot hold him at fault. The plane messed up.
I may have misread your question. Crew did correct. It was a plane goof. Had 3 green and all gear up. Handle was down. It was the planes F UP!
Many years ago working the Andrews AFB control tower, a plane called asking for a low pass to have the landing gear visually checked. A red light had come on in the cockpit. I cleared it for an approach and went out onto the balcony and positioned myself, mike in hand. Out of the east the plane appeared and grew larger and larger as my eyes focused onto the gear. With a tremendous roar it flew 15 or so meters overhead. The gear appeared normal to me and I told the pilot so. He thanked me and told me, straight off the shoulder, never to say anything about this. "Yes Sir," I replied. It was President Truman's plane, The Independence.
Sparkie is right. I had 2 over the years, both with broken parts. Crash landings and one emergency, so my copilot called it, where we couldn't get the gear up. Emergency? lolol
Would little cameras stategically placed around the outside of the plane be use? Say one by the front landing gear, others showing the positions of the landing gears under the wings, others along the fuselage monitoring the engines. Does a pilot have to rely on the tower or a crew member to see a fire in an engine
NO... There are indications in the cockpit. Does not require a camera. The Proximity switches are more accurate. A camera can tell if the gear is down, but cannot tell if it is locked. Furthermore then cameras would add drag.
Thanks Sparkie,


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