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$270 million worth of cocaine found on Air France flight

(CNN) -- There was something odd about the 30 suitcases that showed up on a flight from Venezuela. The colorful bags weren't registered to any of the passengers on the plane. When French officials opened them up, they discovered why -- 1.3 tons of pure cocaine were stuffed inside the anonymous bags. ( 기타...

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Shoot, they got half of my shipment.
Bummer, and where was the company employee who was supposed to reroute those bags to the buyer. Sum ting wong.
Somebody and their family is already dead over this...
... and more to follow.
A planeload of passengers sitting over 1.3 tons of cocaine the whole way across the Atlantic. Talk about flying high on cocaine.
The put it on the wrong plane. It was supposed to go elsewhere. Someone is going to face disciplinary action for the mistake.
Maybe the cartel won't notice?
Does anyone check the facts of the story? 1.3 Tons in 30 suitcases is 87 lbs each. Loadmaster is not going to let that happen. The French put a value of 270 million on the shipment. That crap sells for 20K per kilo in Los Angeles. Total value is $ 23.6 million. If you want wholesale, It is about $ 1,800/ kilo in Columbia or a paltry $ 2.1 million for the whole enchilada. Looks like they will need to work a half day Saturday to replace this.
Where have you been? Facts don't make headlines man!
1.3 tons is 2866 pounds, that's 95 pounds per suitcase.

A bunch of people in different capacities must have known about this and looked the other way. Maybe that includes the loadmaster.
It's either 2866 pounds or 2600, depending on whether they were using metric or short tons. Hence the discrepancy between your calculations.
All metric on AF. 1kg=2.2lbs
Agreed - I doubt that CNN bothered to change the units, even though their audience is primarily American.
Not to mention the thirty-first bag.....
Well, 23M is the wholesale, but the street value can be up to 10x that once it gets cut a few times. Either way, that's a lot baggage going to the lost and found.


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