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Furloughing FAA Inspectors And NTSB Investigators May Violate International Aviation Treaty

FAA’s furlough of 3,000 aviation safety inspectors and NTSB’s furlough of its accident investigators may put the United States in default of its treaty obligations under the Chicago Convention and the obligations of member states of the International Civil Aviation Organization. The Chicago Convention is the main aviation treaty setting the standards for air safety among the 192 contracting states of ICAO, an agency of the United Nations. Violating its treaty obligations could have significant… ( 기타...

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Who knows, maybe some countries (North Korea and Iran come to mind*), may declare US registered planes as unsafe due to lack of US compliance with obligated regulatory functions, and refuse to allow the planes in their airspace.

* Phillipines would pass on being problematic, as their planes will soon be flying to first world countries again.

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could you cite your source please?

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is he a freemason?
Keep us updated on anything else Phil.
Thrustt what do you know about Fort Meyers in FL? I know they run drug trafficking. I am thinking along the lines of stolen/counterfeit a/c parts. In particular the missing filters we found in Warsaw on the LOT 787. If FL is known on that side of the Atlantic for this kinda stuff just say yes.
I don't know nothing, I don't want that knocking on my bedroom window at 2 am...
It is time to line up Congress on the Whitehouse lawn and mete out group corporal punishment. Leadership first, then the rank-and-file, then leadership again. Then send them back to work.
Corporal Punishment is not 'PC'. Perhaps 'Timeout' instead. Perhaps certain small island off the coast of Northern California could be put to use for the purpose.
No not another taxpayer-funded trip for congressional and whitehouse leaders and staff.

The CP line would be more effective and a more efficient use of taxpayer funds. The CP line should be made up of citizens, in order to avoid additional expense.

I volunteer to be a citizen paddler* on the un-PC CP line. It's hard work, bit somebody's got to do it.

*in this case having nothing to do with kayaking.
Ric...we need them to know that we will forgive them. Most of them are so deep in personal debt to the big corporations who they work for that they know they would be lynched if the public knew what goes on.

We need reconcilliation and amnesty.

President Obama is doing a wonderful job keeping the peace right now. There is plenty of evil and corruption in the USA let alone as C in C of the NATO force.

I am retired now, old and done. In my day we did not have to sign non dislosure papers as I was a contractor on sensitive projects. All the guys now have to sign several different papers as soon as they get past the main gates.

God knows we need some changes especially in technology.

The USA gave me my life after WW2. I do not want to see it self destruct through the greed and fear of politicians.
For all you guys on a layover this is a two hour film which will switch your autopilot off and re-engage your brains.
Recent events remind me of "the fall of Rome". As the USA shifts from being the biggest power on the planet to an "also ran" the structures of law and order disintegrate. The financial institutions in Wall St and the Federal Reserve itself will already have worked out a contingency plan, you can be sure of that. Insurance companies will be working hard to formulate get out clauses as the accident rate climbs. The USA is disintegrating.
Nothing applies to this administration! Doesn't surprise me!


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