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Southwest Airlines Offering In-Flight iMessaging for $2 Per Day

Southwest Airlines is offering passengers the ability to send and receive iMessages from their iOS devices in-flight for $2 per day an alternative to full in-flight Wi-Fi access at $8 per device per day. ( 기타...

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Great deal if the messaging restricted to typed messages....not voice dictated messaging. My iPhone 5 features the voice-to-typed messaging, so guess it's pretty common. I want OFF the plane that has someone beside of behind me (or anywhere) who starts dictating messages into their phones inflight. Had the total displeasure of riding AMTRAK from KCMO to STL a few years ago. The lady talking on her phone allowed me to know the names of all her children, grandchildren, husband, sisters and brother...and fellow flower club members that she visited with all across Missouri. Her last call ended with "My battery is beeping, so I've got to hang up." Brought applause from all in the car. Hoping SWAir is listening, or should I send a text message?
Whole heartedly agree about Amtrak. There are some people who cannot put the phone down and step away for more than 10 seconds. I experienced it on the train from Mia to Jax one day. When she got off the train - there was applause even from the conductor.

Every new addition must in moderation - whether it's texting or voice. I find it strange now that a/c must be equipped with "a special" antennae to allow messaging. Don't need it below 10000


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