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American Airlines Places Orders for 220 Regional Jets from Bombardier and Embraer

American Airlines, which merged with US Airways earlier this week to become the world’s largest carrier, announced plans to purchase up to 220 new regional jets from two aircraft manufacturers, Bombardier and Embraer. The airline plans to use them to replace its less efficient 50-seat planes. ( More...

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If it wasn't done already, this puts the bed any relationship AWE had with Mesa, and possibly Skywest. Since they have the regionals completely in house, there would be no reason to outsource that to a regional carrier.

Interesting that they chose the CRJ9s. The E175s I can understand to replace the E135s and E140s, but what would they replace the Saabs with? CRJ would be overpowered for those, and I don't believe they fly any Brasilias (correct me if I'm wrong).

So why the CRJ9s?
ccthorp 3
American Eagle has removed their Saabs from service and they have been replaced with ERJs and SKW CRJs. Larger aircraft mean fewer frequencies and, unfortunately, some destinations will be cut.

AA does not have its regionals completely in house, CRJs are operated by SkyWest and ExpressJet while the E175s are operated Republic. AA started using other regional airlines besides American Eagle and Chautauqua to save costs.

Mesa is not jeopordized by the order of new aircraft as they only operate CRJ-900s for AWE, probabaly the SKW CRJ-200s will be the ones to go.
preacher1 1
That's good to know. I appreciate that and as he will be reading this, I'm sure it will be good for him too.
Ben Deneweth 3
The CRJ9's will be placed with PSA and will be replacing PSA's CRJ2's. THis makes it an easy transition since their crews just have to go through differences training. Also PSA was the only one of the new combined US/AA's owned regional carriers to agree to a new pilot contract guaranteeing low rates for the foreseeable future. That's why they get the new airplanes.
SAAB's are long gone, and many were happy to see them go. Everyone and their brother has said the CRJ-200's were going to be purged, so it is no surprise American will follow suit.

This could very well be the end of the trail for all those CRJ-200's SkyWest has been collecting from other operators in the past few years.
preacher1 1
A friend of mine is just finishing up ground school for Mesa at Phoenix and then going to Canada for SIM. It will all be real interesting. Of course this ain't gonna happen overnite. I am surprised that they went back to Embraer at all with mx issues they have had with the other ERJ's. Personally, the 900 is a good aircraft and if they do no SAAB replacement, they may just tighten capacity a little more and run all jet.
littleferrhis 3
Ok im just going to put this out there American is probably planning to get rid of us airways republic here soon because they're fleet is mainly e-175s and i dont think american is trying to boost their fleet. Well good luck republic.
preacher1 2
Are you speaking of the Republic operating several regional carrier, that is Hq at Indianapolis, that just sold Frontier, or is there another here that I'm missing?
Ben Deneweth 2
The E175's that Republic are operating for AA are under a long-term capacity purchase agreement. They'll be around flying for AA for quite awhile.
ccthorp 2
I did the math. Multiply all the 50, 44, 36 seat regional jets by the number of each in the fleet. Divide that number by 76 and you get 223! They are are planning to retire all of the ERJs by 2017, though somewhere I read it might be 2015.
preacher1 1
I knew those were on the way out due to high MX costs and downtime. That is why it surprised me that they went back to them on the new ones.
ccthorp 2
As a passenger, I would much rather fly on a E-Jet than a CRJ-700/900. I believe the E-Jets also offer more range.
preacher1 2
I haven't flown on the newer Ejets. I liked the older ones just because of the seating, p against the CRJ200's. Those were built off of a bizjet profile and no airframe change, hence airline type seats sat higher and you always got a crick in your neck trying to look out the window. LOL
Musketeer1 4
I actually like the E175, riding with Compass. You either have a window or the aisle, they're quiet, and the seats Compass uses I prefer over mainline 73's and 320's.
ccthorp 2
I am a window seat guy, except on the CRJ-200!
bob proud 2
It's interesting that they're putting more F seats (12) on these regional jets than they are on their new A319 mainline equipment (only 8 in First Class). The 319s are replacing MD80s with 16 seats in F on a lot of medium-haul routes, and suddenly, upgrades are becoming nearly extinct.
Hamster Vonk 2
Rode F on the 319 a few weeks way to do it is to just buy the y-up. Was only $200 more choice plus or whatever they call it RT DFW/CLT and when you factor in the cost of "stickers" it's a wash. People will pay for it.
bob proud 1
but there is not a good seat in F. Either your in the first row, which is bulkhead with no underseat storage, or in your in the second row, which doesn't recline, and the underseat in front of you is bifurcated into three segments, none of which can accommodate much more than a purse.
Camilo Puerta 1
Greats News, I love Embraer and Bombardier ;)
joe johnson 1
Amway will also be importing pilots from China to fly'em. Have fun with that.
littleferrhis 1
Werent these guys on the verge of bankruptcy not too long ago? Most airlines dont even have 220 jets they must be finding and hiring new leasers because thats a couple regional airlines right there
Hamster Vonk 1
I'm still baffled that they can spend money and that Horton is going to walk away with a $16,000,000 package.

I am no Wall Street wizard, but even I can read an income statement. From 2008 to 2012 they went bankrupt and LOST more than $8,000,000,000 dollars. Billion. Lost. And he gets to walk away from that AND take a fat check. And Crandall up there grinning and ringing the bell. Crooks... all of them.
preacher1 0
Well, he negotiated that contract, told them it would be bankruptcy if he took the job. Stock price is up, buku's of folks are furloughed, bunches of destinations are cut, and it is really but a shell of it's former self. Crandall wanted more money put in it and didn't want to file BR. Shall we call it corporate greed and piss on the workers that built it?
And I think Horton's package is $17 million.
Allen Jones 0
Grand Theft!
flypns 1
Great News!!! Yes, Please Quickly Replace.. Your old,dirty,small and tight..ERJ-145. And use them on flights over 1.5 hours..
matt jensen 0
Creating 3 classes - but not service
Yes they are. Bad, Worse and None respectively.

Is there any type of aircraft left that this merger hasn't bought? They must own everything made under the planet. Mix and mess.
J L 2
They could have ordered some CSeries. ;)
preacher1 0
I really didn't think they would go back to Embrarer after all the mx issues they had. Basically as PSA will operate, I guess that will be the death knell for Eagle. Looks like they'll run the name but contract it.
What first came to my mind when I saw this headline, was all those folks witht he cornball comments of "if it ain't Boeing, I'm not going". One assumes this is 220 destinations they will never get to see. Pretty limiting for them, more chances of a window seat for me.
Tony Sinagro 0
You can have them I'll fly Southwest and stay with Boeing! Looks like American ain't American anymore.
Ric Wernicke 0
American is boosting their fleet. They won't remain the largest airline long with their current route structure. I look for a major expansion into Africa. World demand for energy is expanding at an exponential rate. The oil patch (Texas) where American is headquartered has their eye on the African plateau. There be hydrocarbons in them thar hills. The lack of real roads and lack of civil stability means short hop air transport is the only way to move about the area. Look for 20 daily flights from Timbuktu.


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