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American Airlines New Airbus A321T: Virtual Tour and Review

NEW YORK — Going against a “bigger is better” trend, American Airlines announced plans to replace its three-class Boeing 767-200 aircraft, which it primarily uses on its transcontinental flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport to San Francisco and Los Angeles, with new, but much smaller, Airbus A321 jets. American took delivery of its first A321T on November 21, 2013 in Hamburg, Germany. The aircraft, with registration N101NN, left Hamburg that day and arrived in Dallas shortly before… ( More...

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Alan Killick 4
Reading most of the anti Airbus comments on this article really proves to me what a bunch of inbread, insular, idiots so many Americans are. Whoever would make their flight choices by refusing to include an Airbus type in the itinerary must have nothing better to do with their time - Pratt.
You people really do believe your own (US) publicity. I've never read so much crap before on the subject of an airline's choice of equipment.
Next you'll all be trying to tell me that in-fliught service provided by United States carriers is the best so you will never fly British or European or Middle east or Asian airlines. I guess to some of you MacDonalss is 'fine dining'.
Anyway, enough of the rant.... Merry Christmas to ALL of you.
Dear friend Alan Killick, notwithstanding your affiliation(nationality) I am in agreement with you.
On this portal it is generally projected that Americans can not and do not make mistakes.
And any one trained in US or by a US person is better than others !
If some Asiana pilots are flying all right, the US people search for some US connection ! And those who donot, it's due to cultural problem prevailing ALL aver Asia and Africa and even Europe !
Alain Gayot 2
Just in case you need to know there are more American parts, components and systems in most Airbus aircraft s than in Boeing's 787s - we look forward to flying American Airlines' A321T.
jbayter 2
Enough crap, Airlines don't care if pilots love to fly airbus or not, they dont even care if boeing is safer, its a matter of money!! They are cheaper, to maintain, to operate, to fly, good looking screens, and if a pilot needs to upgrade say from 321 to 330 it takes about 4 days since the only differences are limitations. Plus the fact that where Boeing offers say 20 planes for a certain amount of money airbus comes over and like always will offer 23 for the same money.
Buy it or not I need that freaking license, but if you ask me I' ll stay with Boeing all the way.
airlines make finanacial decisions , not decisions for customer service. that is the reality of decision making. Most airline executive decision making is couched with "that is competitive". Unfortunately none of them seem to have a new idea or care or know about customer service.
When the airline took delivery of the aircraft, Virasb Vahidi, the airline’s chief commercial officer, said that the A321T “is what our customers flying between New York and the West Coast value.”

B.S. Vahidi or Virsab, whichever comes first. Do you really believe what you stated. If so I apologize but I seriously doubt anyone wants to give up wide aisle for that tin shit.
jim hughes 1
what mode they're in what mode they're in what mode they're in What is wrong with this thing now. lol
4TimKing 1
This aircraft fits nicely with the new American/USAirways which has Airbus as an investor. The airline has a bunch of older model 737s and MD88s that need to go away. You can bet that they'll buy junk like this to replace them.
on what basis you can say that Airbus is junk. In the last 10 years Airbus has sold more aircraft than Boeing.

Then that statement is basically saying the majority of buyers have made mistakes?
Seems illogical to me?
True, the numbers don't lie but, in this business, money talks, BS walks.
Cliff Johnson 1
When will the airlines learn that the airbus fly by wire control laws are just an accident waiting to happen? Just look at the NTSB accident reports. Nice airplane to fly as long as everything is working right and the pilots know what mode they're in.
James Eaton 1
There is a time for nationalism, a time for pragmatism and a time for realism.

Choosing what is best for customers, staff and the organisation is the alpha and omega of any prudent business decision irrespective of the broader considerations. That is what open market theory is about.

Well done AA for being true to the theory.
New kid on the block is always welcome. It's a sign of progress. No matter what or how !
jim hughes 0
more airbus junk. When I make reservations, I always specify, No Airbus equipment in my itinerary and I am serious about it. I do not understand why our American companies i.e. American, Delta etc will not support USA workers at Boeing. Thanks for your help guys...
perhaps because the Airbus is a superior aircraft? The A380 is out of the world, you do not even realise it has taken off
cheneyja 0
The interior configuration is optional. Buying from the French should not be optional.
I cant believe that buying decisions are based upon nationality and not merit?
well said my friend gordon robertson.
Nationality may come into play in a minor way due to import duty/taxes and the like.
But trade off in this context also plays an important role.
jim hughes 0
just in case I need to know? You need to brush up a bit and maybe even swing by one of the Boeing plants sometime.
Alain Gayot 1
I did:


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