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(Video) Key & Peele: Boarding Group 1

A traveling businessman grows increasingly frustrated with the airplane boarding procedure at the airport. Directed by Peter Atencio. From the sketch comedy television show Key & Peele. New episode air Wednesday at 10:30p / 9:30c only on Comedy Central. ( 기타...

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I thought this was going to be a comedy sketch. I didn't realize it was a documentary. Been there, done that.
my computer loads vids slower than the boarding process in Group 1.
It isn't your "pooter" it's the server.
I could have ordered this Video from Amazon and it would have been here by now even without the delivery UAV!
I wish I could vote two thumbs up. Thanks Chip.
Believe or not...I have seen "Frequent flyers" jump over women and children, elderly, people in wheel chairs...just to get on board. It's pretty pethtic in my book!
Didn't Tina Fey do something very similar on SNL just recently?
Except this was kinda funny. Tina Fey thinks she can see Russia from central Alaska...
btweston 3
Yeah... You clearly didn't get the joke there.
akovia 2
LOL! Tina has done her job if you confuse "Caribou Barbie of the Arctic", Sarah Palin, with Ms. Fey!
Liberals are so highly skilled at falling for their own lies:
pettech 1
Love this! It was the first K&P sketch I ever saw, and I laughed til I hurt. Having been unimpressed with MadTV , and having seen KMK host the really dumb Americas Funniest Animals show some years back, I was pleasantly amazed at how talented and clever he truly is. JP is also funny and appealing, and they are an inspired pairing.Wish I'd found
d their show sooner. And no, I'm not being compensated for saying any of this... ( ;


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