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Delta recalls all furloughed pilots, plans to add more

A report in the Wall Street Journal about the ongoing pilot shortage says not only has Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE: DAL) recalled all of its furloughed pilots who want to return, the airline plans to add about 50 pilots a month “through early this year” and then take 20 a month through September. The WSJ adds the shortage of qualified pilots has hit U.S. airlines sooner and more severely than expected, leading the airlines to accelerate hiring and cut some service. ( 기타...

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There is NO shortage of pilots applying to Delta. There may well be a shortage of pilots willing to replace the pilots going to Delta from the regional airlines. There isn't a shortage of pilots at that level. There IS a shortage of pilots willing to work for the crap wages and benefits at the regionals. Pay us and we will come.
If half or more of regional feeder flights are canceled due to lack of pilots, they'll feel the pilot chordate even at the mainline carriers.
* pilot shortage

Good to see... More hiring under any circumstances is good..
supply and and demand... hate to see those youngsters flying regionals for low pay, lots of strange hours.... if there were a shortage, pay would go up... unfortunately, lots of young people yearn to fly for a living so the regionals can take their pick and keep wages low....
11,000 hours and I can't tell you how many "thanks but you don't meet our requirements" letters I have received.
It is hard to stand out when 400 people are in line for one position. A couple of suggestions, call the Chief Pilot say hello and ask if he/she has any advice, and tell them they are your preferred company. If you fly on the company, call him and complement the crew and let him know you'd like to work there too.

Expand your net to take in some foreign carriers. Look to the six continents to find outfits like AirAsia that would allow you to build time in a hurry.
barely a paragraph - don't waste your time
How many times have we seen this before? Four years after 9/11 we were told of an "impending pilot shortage" and "all of the old pilots are going to retire!! Who'll fly the planes?!" And what happened? NOTHING. SAMLE crap wages, SAME levels of pilots, SAME, SAME, SAME. All of this is just another great advertising tool for FBO's that want to lure suckers in for untold thousands with empty promises and crushed dreams.

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