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Poll: Are You in Favor of a Congressional Ban on In-Flight Mobile Phone Calls

Republicans and Democrats in the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved a bill that was introduced earlier this week to prohibit passengers from placing or receiving phone calls on their mobile phones during domestic flights. The bill, somewhat aptly named “Prohibiting In-Flight Voice Communications on Mobile Wireless Devices Act of 2013,” still has to make its way through Congress, and comes as the Federal Communications Commission is considering lifting a ban on the use… ( 기타...

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Ban them for good. Whether by Congressional action or FCC/FAA regulatory action, but ban them.
I agree.. No place on the plane for a phone...
Ban them please.
Yes.... I do not want to be sitting beside some moron on a phone that does not know how or when to SHUT UP!...
Oh, yes. Just Monday, a neighbor of mine two houses away was speaking on his cell phone and I could hear every word he said. For someone like him to be on an aircraft speaking over the background flight noise would be horrible.
Ban them. Whether by Congressional action or FCC or FAA regulatory action, ban them.
ADXbear 2
Here is an idea.. am easy update to the phones software.... anytime the phone senses speed in excess of 30mph... the phone stops ringing and working... all calls are sent to VM for later retrieval. this will stop distracted driving as well..

A crowded airplane is no place for cell phones.
Better to make it in excess of 5 mph. That would effectively shut them off for everybody except people walking. A 30 mph maximum is still going to allow phones to ring and work in school zones in my state, where the speed limit is 20 mph.
And exactly what business is it of the Feds ? I can think of a hundred places where morons annoy others with incessant chatter. Spend some time fixing real problems for a change.
Feds carry a little heavier hammer than simply allowing the airlines to ban inflight calls. Unfortunately, in the hundred places that you mentioned it is usually possible to put distance between you and a loud talker but not so in an airliner cabin.
Of course you can always leave your grocery cart in the checkout line and head for the sanctuary of your car. Lol. Personally, I think you ought to be able to use your cellphone anywhere you can smoke a cigarette !
Agreed. I'm not a smoker, but it certainly sounds fair and logical to me. Kind regards....
Thank God for Bose. They work great AND send a strong message to all but the dense. Have a good day.
Congress has a lot of far more important problems to address, but this is an easy one that doesn't take much thought, which they can brag about when they're up for re-election. We're over-regulated as it is; let the airlines handle this.
Ya, that was my point. Airlines can do it if they choose. If people don't comply with instructions there is already a law against not complying with aircrew instructions. The Feds need to get their head out of their ass and fix something of importance.
if they want to talk on a cell phone put them in the back in a "cell phone" section like the former smoking section. Better yet- just ban them . There would be idiots talking non-stop


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