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Man's body found in landing-gear wheel well of plane at Dulles airport

A man's body was found Saturday afternoon inside the landing-gear wheel well of a plane that had landed at a suburban Washington airport, authorities said. ( 기타...

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South African Airways flies from Johannesburg to Dulles, but '[t]he location of the flight's origin was not immediately known.'
They know where the plane came from. They had a flight plan filed.

What they might not know us where the stowaway get on the plane - Johannesburg or Dakar.
linbb 1
Doesn't much matter other than notifying the next of kin and returning the body. Frozen is frozen. The only thing different here is he didn't fall out this time.
Here's the flight last leg

WX on departure was in the 60's, arrival 33.
Yeah but it was probably -50 enroute.
Wondering if he froze in a way that kept him from dislodging. Would he have thawed enough at Dakar to drop out there? If so, then it would be more likely he 'boarded' in Dakar
The stop in Dakar is short, lasting only an hour. Not sure that would be enough time to defrost.
I just flew on this flight 2 weeks ago. Seemed like there was a lot of "security" on the ramp in Dakar, doing hand held wand checks on airport workers before allowing them to approach the plane. Seems like it would be hard for someone to stow away there, but i guess anything is possible.
Maybe some ramp guy collects a fee to help these stowaways get to the plane. The only requirement is that they give back the jackets and IDs before climbing into the gear bay.

He has 100% customer satisfaction. He's never had any complaints from any previous customers. They all depart the airport very happy and very excited about their future. He imagines that many have made it successfully to the promised land at the far side of the ocean.
Kinda brigs a tear to your eye, don't it? On the serious side, I wonder how many never make it to destination. Depending on the individual plane/pilot/airport, gear down at about 5 miles +, some earlier
There are occasional reports of bodies falling out of planes on approach path at airports with arriving planes from certain regions of the world.

It's imaginable that some will go undetected in less developed areas and/or only found after the fact without anyone connecting the dots, or at least (without any ID) not knowing who they are nor where they came from (if they can imagine their celestial path).
Some may not even be found if woods or critters around. You probably won't see it there but if one is lining up on 18 at MEM, you got the big river and surrounding swampland/woods. Florida you got the everglades and the Ocean, lots of places around they'd never be found.
Airplane hobos are dwindling in numbers.
When will we install sensors or cameras in these spaces to prevent these poor souls from killing themselves? No one that designs, builds, or flies airplanes wants to hurt anyone. If security cannot do their job, perhaps Boeing and Airbus need to step it up a bit and give pilots a chance to see prior to take off the wheel niches are clear.
I wonder if it is a belief structure akin to the South Seas Cargo Cults, manifest ignorance, or something similar to 'suicide by cop'.
Statistically, there is no such thing as zero probability, but surviving international travel by wheel well is pushing that envelope.
I hate to sound cruel and heartless but it isn't fair to saddle the airframe mfgs./airlines with the expense of trying to protect people from themselves. I don't think you would have a gear jamming problem as human body mass is no match for the hydraulic pressure of folding gear. Several years back, there was a beautiful overlook off a mountainside not far from here. There were warning signs 15-20 ft back from the bluffedge. One day somebody was fooling around, fell off and died. The park service put up a 5' chainlink fence about 100 yards long and spoiled it for everybody. People have to take some responsibility for their own actions. One of these days, somebody will probably do as you say and it will cost us all. Other than the kid that tried to hitchhike form CLT a couple of years ago, this only makes 2-3 in the last couple of years and they all seem to be from the South Africa area. At 25-30000 flights per month, that's not very many. This may sound cold and cruel but that's life.
I am normally a compassionate guy but I am afraid that this is Darwin at work.
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Body found in Airbus A340 wheel well at Washington Dulles

Officials at Washington Dulles International Airport say the body of a man was found in the wheel well of a South African Airways widebody jet over the weekend.

The Airbus A340 was in a remote parking area at the airport on Saturday when the body was discovered around 1:30 p.m. ET on Saturday by ground workers.

Officials from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority tell The Associated Press that the circumstances surrounding the main's death are uncertain.


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