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World's 'first airport' largely unknown

An old wooden shack and rows of tilted fence posts: In a way, this deserted little patch of Midwestern dirt was the starting point for every airport in the world. On a cold winter's day I scan a snowy, lonely field north of Dayton, Ohio. Not sure exactly where I am, I wonder for a minute if I'm lost. A National Park Service sign makes it clear what I'm looking at: "The first airport. Exploring Huffman Prairie Flying Field." ( 기타...

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Top comment: "Two wrongs do not make a right, but two Wrights make an airplane"
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I literally have never once in my life heard anyone say that ever. That is profound and original. This is the kind of top-notch commentary I have come to expect in response to the profound, cutting journalism on CNN. Thomas Nast? Amateur! Benjamin C. Bradlee? A wannabe. Thom Patterson has truly shown me the true pinnacle of journalistic excellence.

As an aside, I should mention that I did not take my ADHD medication this morning. Also, I mean, the racist discussion that follows that top post is horrifying on several levels.
As a matter of fact the very first "AIRPORT"was Bader field just outside of Atlantic City N.J.
How can there be a 'first airport'? An airport is a facility to or from which you travel as an intermediate transportation transfer point. That implies a minimum of two. If there is only one (the first), to where are you going- there isn't another airport yet. If you are arriving, from where?

Lesson from San Francisco traffic: Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.
With your logic it would be impossible for someone to take off and land at the same airport.
I as sort of expanding a quote from the article:
"That's not really an airport," said historian Deborah Douglas, curator of Science and Technology at the MIT Museum. "An airport has to do two things: get airplanes in and out of the sky safely and it has to transfer people and goods from one mode of transportation to another. If you're not doing those things, then I'd say you're not really an airport."

and merely taking it a step farther. It is like the chicken and egg question.

Perhaps it would be better to characterize it as 'the first aviation R&D site".
So if I drove to airport A, took off, flew in a big circle, and landed back at airport A, then drove home, I'd say the "creator of history in aviation", Deborah Douglas, is wright or wrong?.?. Thumbs down Deborah..
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touch n goes!
(shades of 'North by Northwest'): Cropdusting?


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