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Emirates to make Chicago O'Hare its 9th U.S. destination

The carrier will operate one daily round-trip flight between Chicago and Dubai on Boeing 777-200LR jets that have eight first class "suites," 42 business-class seats and 216 in economy. ( 기타...

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'bout time! lol
I'm surprised it wasn't sooner. Why did it go to Seattle and D.C. before ORD?
DC makes sense just because of the Federal Government business and just guessing here ... their West Coast feeder/mileage partner Alaska Air has its HQ/Hub in Seattle.
I suppose it eventually would end up there in those spots. Just not before chicago, with all it's connectivity.
They're already connecting with codeshare/ interline partners such as Alaska in Seattle and JetBlue in New York. Being able to issue a ticket to a passenger's ultimate destination and be able to handle bags is a major advantage to just pointing to the draperies board and saying fend for yourself please.

So who would they use as a partner out of Chicago?

Chicago may have enough O&D traffic to merit a flight, but not before connecting to the major hubs of domestic partners that provide many destinations across the continent.
US airlines should be on full notice. Foreign airlines known for delivering good service, connecting traffic with smaller domestic carriers also known for good service and lower prices is that 1 - 2 punch to consolidated legacy carriers.

Beware of fretting over trying to preserve the past, and not competing effectively in the marketplace today, and then having no future.
Last time I had a hot meal in coach for free was over 10 years ago on Air Jamaica. It would be nice if they are forced into raising the bar, but somehow I don't think it'll happen...
I'd rather pay $50 less per ticket. With $100, I can get a nice meal for two before heading to the airport, at the airport, or a nice dinner at my destination.

It's much better than what was passing for food on some airlines. 'Tastes like airplane food' is what many have used to describe food that they didn't like.

I'd also much rather they sell me a quality meal that I enjoy, that give me a free meal that I wish I hadn't eaten.

But let's see what competition does to improve the offerings for the better.
B772 for now. A388 before long. It is amazing to look at A388 traffic patterns as an indication of future travel growth. Go on Flight Radar 24 and filter on A388 to see.
I have not flown Emirates yet but am keen to have the experience
I just hope each and every passport is being scrutinized/verified.


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