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Lockerbie expert says crew were trying to save plane

Malaysia Airlines flight not hijacked says Lockerbie expert ( 기타...

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MMPilot 1
Isn't it a crying shame what so called experts babble to the public to catch attention ? The "smoke theory" is absolute nonsense.

Disregarding an explosion neither fire nor smoke developes so rapidly that pilots would be unable to press the mike button to inform ATC , or set code 7700 and initiate a rapid descend to the nearest airfield, instead of cruising more than houndred miles westbound away from original track with an intermediate climb to level 450, as primary radar data indicates. Even with zero visibility in the cockpit it would be possible to grasp the power levers to steer the A/C down at altitudes enabling to open the cockpit windows blowing out the smoke.

But if it would have been an explosion distroying electronic equipment like radio, transponder and ACARS simultaneously then the probability that other A/C controls keeping the continous westbound track remained functional is pretty close to nothing. In that case the unsteerable plane would have crashed pretty close to the flight planned track.
I am almost 100% sure Malaysia airlines would be doing and looking for anything in the hope that it would drag the blame away from the airline company in a desperate act to avoid class legal action that would surely send them broke.
Every expert" pops out of the wood purporting theories to explain what might have happened. So far an airliner has stopped broadcasting its transponder signal on civilian radar. The media has published everything from the pilots to a crude windows 98 line drawing. And a repeat question A transponder is turned off on the ground (Imagine LA ground traffic. Maintenance or electrical systems and emergency situations in the cockpit.
What did they skimp on?

The Telegraph article author does not seem credible.

When Swissair 111 had a catastrophic inflight fire in the cockpit the pilots were able to maintain contacts for quite a while. Plus any malfunctions would have beer reported by ACARS automatically.

Speculation of this kind is very unhelpful...
Hi Folks...
Was that the truth, or did you read it in the Telegraph? Murdoch's "Terrorgraph" cannot be taken seriously.
I still stand firm on my belief it was due to some sort of failure causing loss of control.
Malaysia Airlines skimp on a cheap upgrade that would have helped track Flight MH370 !
What else did they skimp on ?
They are good at not telling the truth so I take everything they say as possible 10% true and 90% BS.
OZAIR that is the kind of speculation that doesn't help.

You have no basis for that hypothesis. MAS maintenance is as good as anyone else's these days and the B-777 is a robust and reliable aircraft..

If there was a MX problem ACARS would have spat out multiple messages as it did on AF 447 and would have described the problem in detail to MX Control in KL..

ADS-B is mandatory and is a MEL item. As far as I am aware no jurisdiction allows an RPT aircraft (particularly a mainline one) to depart with inoperative ADS-B.

We will all have to wait and see when the CVR/DFDR are recovered to know what has happened.
kiwiav8a 1
As you rightly pointed out, speculation of this (ed. any) kind is very unhelpful. You might take note of your own point! Stick to what your know rather than what you think you know!
Do you have corrective information you are willing to share?


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