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See Awesome Behind-the-Scenes Video of a Marine Corps Fly-By Photo Shoot

The Marine Corps Silent Drill team showcases the precision and professionalism of the Corps, but they don’t typically perform on runways with planes flying just a few feet overhead. ( 기타...

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jdenny5 5
Semper Fi!
You have to love those Marines
This was obviously a commercial photo shoot for marketing the Marine Corps. Since it is impossible to do make a film without communicating, just turn down the volume if you feel that it is intrusive. Every flyover that you see at a ball game or air show involves ground to air crews communicating during the national anthem. It's a necessary part of the business. Semper Fi
As a former member of of an USAF drill team, and having seen the teams of all the branches, IMO, the USMC Silent Drill Team is the absolute best. Now the current Commander of my Fire Department's Honor Guard, I have several videos which are required viewing for my members to show what real precision looks like. Outstanding.
Very Impressive! Too bad there was all the talking and shutter noise. Drills should be held with a certain level of reverence and respect and I likened the noise in the background to a group of papparatzi. Not much respect for the excersize. Fat Albert was AWESOME too!
Truly awesome.
Steamjet 0
Unfortunately was all BS talk. Did 8 heard a giggle . If this were chatted involved in a commercial shoot utilizing aircraft, you would think these folks would be using headsets... Particularly with aircraft and an "very active" runway.

They spoiled it !

The Participants were ALL AMERICAN .
they spoiled it - I'll tell you what, why don't you go make a better video then you can critique. As for now- they are the best, so shut it
Steamjet 2
Oh...and by the way - if you've ever flown formations, you "brief" before the flight, not during .
Steamjet -2
Jason, your a lot less unprofessional as the commentators were in the video. I agree the Videographer was fantastic and the US Marines were and are ALWAYS magnificent. And what can you say about Fat Albert, except phenomenal?!?!?

I assume this is the unedited version and the final cut will have some patriotic music and the will cut the channel with the voices. I am sure it will be Great.

I will wait for the final version but until then Jason, I suggest you pull up your big boy pants and Grow Up !
It would have been nice if you just said something nice, and if the commentary bothered you (as it did me), just turn down the volume and just enjoy the spectacle.- and then show your support by saying how nice it was. Not by saying it was nice BUT... no detractors - just a nice comment.

Have you ever shot a video? Do you know how the shooter looks for feedback - why would you tarnish the comments.

Have you ever been in a video? do you know how those who were in the shot are looking for cool comments and their joy would be detracted, even just a little by a comment like "they ruined it"

Have you ever been a parent of a child that was in a video that someone said "they just ruined it" - and how that hurts just a little bit to see such a thing.

This wasn't a debate that requires or benefits from another viewpoint - why did you have to be THAT guy?

It would be equally nice if you didn't use comments like "pull up your big boy pants" either.
Steamjet -1
Hey JASON... Why don't YOU ....SHUT up. (That was nice wasn't it... And where did I hear that before?!!
Hmmm guest ya just have to look up a few lines above this one for the answer....which BTW, came from YOU!

I find it funny that someone like you would sign onto a sight where people are asked THEIR opinion.....and YOU tell them what THEY should think.

That's just plain wrong,...PERIOD.
I was hoping that you would realize what a negative a-hole you were being - and maybe say "sorry" or think twice before being so negative and finding the ONE thing you can complain about- BUT - I guess you think someone is wrong for calling you out for being so negative. I gave you penny of solid arguments but you still choose to be negative - and I just don't have time for your negativity anymore - it's boring and ugly.

you confuse the RIGHT to have an opinion to actually being right.

I think is very funny that the guy with all the negativity and critique doesn't like it so much when he gets a taste of his own medicine.

C U Next Thursday :)


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