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US puzzled by Iran's mock-up of an aircraft carrier

Iran is building a crude mock-up of an American aircraft carrier at a ship yard on its Gulf coast and US officials said Friday the goal of the project remains a mystery. ( 기타...

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CNN shows the satellite image:
Thanks for the link. Without getting out other photos to compare, the flight deck looks more like USS America (CV-66) or maybe HMS Ark Royal to me. I've flown off the America but not Ark Royal.
Same reason everybody else builds models. USA is 17th in the educational league and by God it shows. I ahve a fuel system to build soon...what do I do? a model.
Just what has happened to the USA that a spokesperson can make adumb statement like this eludes me. The guys in the RusFed will be is disbelief at this statement.
A little more detail- Iran is making a movie on Iran Air Flight 655, shot down in 1988
Target practice?
Well..could be that they want to start a movie business and make an Iranian version of TOP GUN Joel...if they are under such stringent economic sanctions..well you will try anything to bring in some revenue.
That works too.
This has me thinking....While the US and our allies are looking for a "ghost" plane the Russians and Iranians are plotting and taking over territories.....this might just be the prelude to one big sucker punch.
Perhaps the US should drop a few wooden bombs on it.

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Iranian orhopaedic surgeons are the best in the business so don't start that sort of juvenile stereotyping..that will lead you into certain deep decline.
chalet 1
This contraption is so sturdy that a short string of Fourth of July fireworks would split the "hull" wide open and then.........bottoms down, in a matter of minutes.
chalet 0
This carrier is the platform for those supersonic aircraft mock-ups if there were mock ups or simply cartoon drawings depicting "aircraft" with two tails resembling a scaled down F-18 with which these jerks were trying to scare the hell out of the US and Europe. Now what have these punks been smoking lately.


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