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Air Canada Trades Passenger Legroom for Profit

Air Canada is betting less legroom for passengers translates into higher profit. Canada’s largest carrier has done the math and figures that adding at least 22 seats on jets of its Rouge unit turns money-losing routes to destinations such as the Caribbean profitable. Air Canada’s main carrier has also begun flying five “high-density” Boeing Co. (BA) 777 jets with more than 100 additional seats than standard models. “Densed-up” aircraft are a key part of a plan ... ( 기타...

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Human beings are wonderful creatures. We complain about the price of air travel. Airlines hear us and offer prices within the reach of most of us. To accomplish this, they reduce seat sizes so that more of us can be crammed into the cabin. Now we complain that the cabin is uncomfortable. I love circular logic.
from a corporate point of view its sounds like a great idea , then again those bean counters don't have to ride economy , after a 13 hour flight from asia I got crammed into a a320 for five hours to Toronto , it was air Canada daily Vancouver Toronto route , and that's paying full price , by the way that was 1995 , this is old news
Air Canada Rouge didn't exist in 1995, so it's not "old news". This report is, in fact, about something the airline is doing now.
They are just going to make them like the Air Transat sardine cans,,, such a joy to fly overseas on!!!!
Watch out for AC's 787, I have heard through the industry that the YYZ to NRT flight will have a 251 pax config, most other airlines are at 230 pax. 13 hours at 29" pitch NO THANKS
tesluk 1
I'm seeing a lot of claustrophobic attacks! There's no leg room now how can they possibly take any away??
They just did I guess they will be charging for a seat cushion next LOL


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