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Mysterious American Jet Spotted in Iran

A private jet bearing the American flag was spotted this week at an airport in Tehran, an oddity considering the fact that the U.S. is not currently doing business with Iran. The reason for the plane’s visit: Unknown. The plane’s passenger: Also unknown. ( 기타...

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C11/21 off Tenbibian Street,
Abelenkpe, Accra
P.O. Box CT 4792,
Cantonments, Accra

This is the address of the aircraft operator. It is a mining engineering company. The CEO is the little brother of the President of Ghana. The plane probably was "leased" to the government of Ghana to take a government mission to Iran.

Does not look like CIA fingers here, Mormon maybe...
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Kool - your a better sleuth than the NY Times!! Any idea what the 'EP' vanity is for (N604EP)??
Our experience is that the majority of registration numbers are randomly assigned and are not "vanity". Additionally, even if originally "vanity" not all owners retain their "vanity" registration and it follows the aircraft.
The EP is for Engineers & Planners Company Ltd
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Duh - :) Brain Freeze!!!
Prolly got all the franchises for soda pop supply all the big names....cheaper than fresh water in Africa.
What is your secret in acquiring that registration explanation so fast? I am curious about the GA planes in my area here in Florida. Can you assist me?
Type the N-number (tail number) of the plane you seek info on in the "Private Flight" section on the left hand side of this page. If the inquiry is successful there will be a "registration" link on the that page. You may also look N-numbers up on Just google, "FAA N-number look up".
Thank you sir!
There ya go..FedEx cannot gaurantee deliveries between Accra and Tehran..falls outside of the regular schedules. Now the big question is...what exactly was it carrying in terms of goodies that people in Tehran can use...
For those who may not know, The Bank of Utah does not own aircraft, they simple title them as such as trustees. Very doubtful you will learn the real owner.
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Hmmm - found it in the Wall Street Journal - they must have contacted JetNet that for a fee ID's the owners/lesses/lessors of biz jets!!

The firm operating the plane, is Engineers & Planners Company Ltd.—a Ghanaian contractor whose CEO Ibrahim Mahama is the younger brother of Ghana's President John Mahama.
Diplomatic exchanges...not a big deal. Cannot send a FedEx in so the USA Inc. uses its own transports. Happens everyday of the week.
It's probably Sheldon Adelson! :-)
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Here is N604EP on the ramp at the World Economic Forum in Geneva with a USAF SAM Boeing 757 in the background.

N604EP was bought last September from it's original German owner, it has been spotted in London, Geneva, Ghana, and Iran since then.

The irony in the registration - N - USA, 604 is the type, and EP - just happens to be the civil aviation markings for Iran.

My 'guess' would be a wealthy Iranian has found there way around the USA/UN embargoes.

There is actually two Falcon 2000's and a Citation CJ2 that have been added to the EP- register and bypassed the embargoes.
Of course the CIA runs stuff all over the planet. I mean...who cares?
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Ask yourself, it was important enough for the New York Times (not for you of course). Why???

President Reagan got himself in hot water for the same thing - exchanging arms for hostages in Iran - Iran/Contra Affair - kinda a big thing in US History.
If I am not mistaken the New York Times is UK owned...correct me if I am wrong here..I do not read newspaers or watch TV. Covert avaition goes on all the time...not really a big deal. Just cannot see why this is interesting.
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Just the irony alone that you mentioned the CIA - to find out why this is of interest to the readership of the New York Times (which happens to be USA owned, USA controlled, and USA managed by the owners son - who was born and raised in New York State) I suggest you look into the book by Bob Woodward - 'Veil' about the secret wars of the CIA during the Reagan years. That knowledge would make this news item of far more interest to you.
I do not want to be rude here but my hometown was on the border of the old Soviet bloc. Stuff went on all the time. Not much has changed by the way. The population just knew to keep well out of the way. Thanks for that reference which I will follow. In general the population of the USA has no idea of what goes on outside her borders despite the fact that she has always fought wars half way around the planet. The only news I choose to take from the USA is the NPR radio service and the BBC radio service.. I don't read news papers. All the global big players get involved in covert operations..the more the public know the better..then they can address their elected politician with very valid concerns. 99% of all the western security services act in the interest of the people they represent..the other 1% are a liability backed by politicians we need to move out of office. The fact that diplomatic exchanges are in play is a good thing...
You are correct that most of the people in the States are blind to the world. One thing you said "we fight our wars half way around the world". That is by design. I would rather destroy a city in Trashcanistan than one in Ohio. As long as we keep the efforts of destruction on the soil of others, we are that much safer (that does not mean I agree with all the conflic of the past few decades).
As I understand The New York Times is primarily owned by Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. of Jewish faith as are many of the staff so not surprising jets in Iran. As per Ronald Dent please do not take offence as I am simply citing research from the Jewish Times and an old book I found. I think it pays to did deeper and as Ronald there is life outside the US and surprising information to be gained elsewhere.

As for the jet with changed reg and owners they could just be at a big birthday party
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Ooops - photo in Geneva;
Very interesting! Very interesting.
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The plane hasn't filed a flight plan since 2010... at least in the US. Why is this a big deal 4 years after?
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Actually you have noted the incorrect N604EP - the aircraft in this thread is a 2000 build Challenger 604 that was delivered new to Hapag Lloyd Shipping (Germany) and has had a German registration D-AHLE from Dec 2000 until Sept 2013.

It was registered for the first time N604EP on Sept 24 2013.
X2 for,
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Stop freaking out over nothing people. It's owned by a company called Engineers and Planners. Read this article for a legitamete xplinagion as to why this jet is in Iran.
I am betting it is Dennis Rodman....needed a break from North Korea....
The mighty resources of the NY Times and corporate media are looking a little sad compared to the combined knowledge and energy of the Flightaware community.....take a bow people!
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A vacation for Michelle Obama? Oh that would not work, the plane is too small for her folks.
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We have a bunch of foreign airplanes where I work. Most are ferried half way around the world when someone buys it.
Didn't Ibrahim Mahama re align his faith to the assemblies of god basically a Jewish faith therefore Iranian connection?


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