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Corpse found in wheel well of KLM plane at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

Dutch border police say they have found a body in the wheel well of a KLM airplane at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. ( 기타...

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So much for airport security.
btweston 4
Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you.

[This poster has been suspended.]

His insight is to not have the least clue about the inherent danger of flying in the wheel well, and just be very very lucky.
Another one of the 77%.
Einstein received a Nobel Prize in 1922. Not for relativity, no one would understand that for decades, but for the light beam across the door of a bakery that goes "ding" when you walk in.

Isn't it time to apply this technology to airplane wheel wells to avoid these gearsicles?

Their should be some kind of sencer
Installed in the whell walls to prevent
this type of happening.
And Security should have caught it as
well. Don't the Captain and First Officer
Pretrip the plane before it leaves the Air
Chris B 1
Update on this story
You can't fix stupid. They're all in wheel wells of airliners.


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