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Cirrus CAPS deployment in Massachusetts saves two lives

A Cirrus SR22 lost its engine on approach to Bedford-Hanscom Field (KBED) and deployed its CAPS parachute. Both occupants walked away unharmed. ( 기타...

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Good thing they identified her as a female pilot. Because that was relevant. "The male pilot..." said no one.
I see your point, BUT I think they were pointing out that SHE was the pilot and not the other guy. Calling her "the" female pilot is one way of doing that.
crk112 1
Also true.. but they could have just as easily said... "the pilot"
Chris B 2
Wonder how many chutes would let a 777 down safely?? Just saying!
quite a few small ones or 1 great big one, but, as below, who would pay for it.LOL. It sure ain't on no airline priority.
The approximate touch-down point is here:

It's a little over 2nm from the airport, near 4th Avenue. I work in the area. I'm certainly interested in hearing about the details when they come out.
Would something like this be possible on a large jetliner?
It would sure take a sooper size parachute, as big if not bigger than that one the military has. 2nd thing would be the cost. Who would pay for it even if it could be developed/deployed?
It would be similar to those massive inflatable chutes that may or may never be used, what do they cost?
Probably a bunch
She male he this point what difference does it make? The pilot did the right thing!
smoki 1
"There's a field right here" said the pilot to the tower after the tower inquired as to where they would land. Really? Looks like a forest of trees to me.
The helicopter in the next squawk down could have used one of these, too....
What is it about KBED lately? Is it just jinxed?
Two days after the Gulfstream crash, I landed on the shorter 5000 ft. wet runway, peeling 4 layers of chord off of the two mains on one side. Anti-skid problem it turned out to be, but as the airplane slid, I wondered if we were going to be number 2 in two days...
preacher1 -1
Glad you're Ok, but like I said, is it jinxed?
seems like a lot of sr22's are going down....could it be the pilots are not doing a good pre-flight knowing they have the chute as a back-up?
Actually if you check the database it looks like fewer SR-20s and SR-22s are going down including CAPS saves, yet more SR-22s are flying.


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