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US teen finishes flight around the world

Matt Guthmiller, 19, completed the more than 29,000-mile (46,670-kilometer) journey in a leased single-engine airplane late Monday night when he touched down at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, California. ( 기타...

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I respect this accomplishment much more than the similar event recently touted by Amelia Rose Earhart. She was in an expensive turbo-prop with a safety pilot... this young fellow did it in an unsophisticated trainer, solo all the way.

Hats off to Matt!
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A Beech A36 is an "unsophisticated trainer?????
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A Beech A36 is an "unsophisticated trainer???
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(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

19-Year-Old MIT student about to finish solo around the world flight.

Matt Guthmiller is a native of Aberdeen, South Dakota and he is on the final leg of his solo around-the-world journey, that would make him the youngest person in history to complete the trip.
Great job Matt. What's left for you to do? Betcha you find something. Congratulations.
Congratulations and well done to Matt.

For anyone to not appreciate or recognise this achievment probably means they themselves have never flown outside the local area.
Congratulations, Matt--'twas fun tracking ya!
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OK OK......I gotta say this! In spite this kid's ability to use an autopilot & fly the best single engine airplane (less turbo prop) in the world, it took me 30 years to wear 4 stripe epaulets. This is uncomfortably like Travolta wearing a Quantas captain's uniform. Sorry.
What’s so unique? Much younger children sail around the world. I expect them to do similar with a plain in a fraction of that time. Concerning that uniform.. Flying single and dressed like that is a little childish and not sportive. He looks like a driver giving his automatic pilot a uniform to, but then the co-pilot type :) …. 
you're right, he should've done it in a plain, it would've been more challenging.
I assume that you are not a must have been doing amazing things when you were 19 for you to not consider this event "unique"
Hey Rob? What have you done lately that should be recognized? I'll bet nothing! But, you need to learn how to spell plane not plain.


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