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(Video) Airbus A340 Emergency - Engine Failure - Cockpit

On the way from Zurich to Shanghai during the flight was an increased oil temperature found in engine 3. The flight had to be canceled, a landing was necessary. Then the flight was continued with a new plane. The video shows the entire approach to the landing, in an exceptional situation. ( 기타...

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Well, it's a wonderful example of CRM and the Captain covering and verifying all the bases. As he said, not that big a deal, but he returned to Zurich as told by MX so not his decision. Looks like in a test flight the previous day that issue would have shown up but it just may have been a new issue. In that kind of deal, you really can't tell if it's instrument or actual. Better to be safe than sorry I guess, since the temp kept rising. As he said, it was a good deal for the pax with a replacement plane and crew available.
it is never mx decision. The pic will always have the last word.
Well, it was PIC making the actual decision. MX just suggested he come back no further out than he was and he agreed.
As being a Maintenance Controller I can only advise and have no authority when in the air.. When on the ground, I can tell him exactly what to do. A good example of a recommendation would be when a captain calls in that he has lost all #3 Hyd and hear hear a CB pop, and asked which on it is.. Under no circumstances can I aurthorize him to reset a breaker in flight.. Big NONO!! However, in the message that I would send would be like "I cannot authorize you to Reset the CB, However upon landing reset CB (which ever one) on panel (which ever) and give me a call upon arrival... If he resets it in flight that is on his authority and not mine and he is responsible. 9 times out of 10, I will not hear back from that captain... It all comes down to liability.
mike SUT 1
You're right.....good CRM technique....F/O calls out the problem, Captain tells her to handle the radios and fly the aircraft while he handles the checklist. Just after discussing this ENGINE problem with either Dispatch or Maintenance Control, he promptly goes to the wrong checklist (Integrated Driven Generator) and starts to get ready to switching stuff off stuff. Luckily, he asked for an opinion and was told he was doing the wrong one (CRM)respectfully. Finally on the right checklist, systems knowledge came into play when he killed the #3 GEN and all the Flight Directors, AP AT etc came off while the busses were shifting around..should have warned the FO she was about to be hand flying when he pushed the switch. 3 engines or not, better to declare that emergency in case more stuff hit the fan. Priority handling is a free item. I have more confidence in that whole scene than I did in him and like a few of "us" out there, have been in both those seats (not bragging, just saying)
Chris B 2
Delta's Captain Happy should see this video.
MX was garbled at times and that may have been why he went to the IDG; they had gotten on it someway. At any rate, it got corrected. Had good CRM not been in effect, it would have been blind leading the blind and/or one hell of an argument. I have known some that were like God in the cockpit and did nothing wrong. I was FE on a 707 under one like that, and made a vow at that time that if I ever got into the left seat, I would never go there and that was a long time before CRM came into play. FO had basically done the same thing and we did a praise and hallelujiah the day he retired and we moved around. I flew under him for 5 years and if his retirement had not been announced, I would have had to do something else. All was cool in this cockpit and that was a good thing.
I kind of disagree on CRM... One crew member to me seems like they should have been flying 100% of the time and NOT troubleshooting.
No real need to with 3 good engines and good AP/AT/FD. She was monitoring looks like
s2v8377 1
I agree the pilot flying seemed far too involved with the trouble shooting of a minor engine issue on a four engine A340.
Ahh, the Swiss. They're an engine down, dumping fuel over the Alps, so it must be time for chocolate and coffee!
LOL. I haven't seen the checklist for an EO in a 340. Just being old school, gut would've told me to go on, but, I guess them not being any further out than that, they did the right think.
Maybe the checklist for Swis aircraft includes coffee and chocolate?
I did notice that they had quite a supply of snacks that they took out of the cockpit when they started back.
There was also a remarkable supply of cameras, several of were obscuring forward vision.
Why is the cockpit being filmed?
I looked like they were doing a documentary, maybe for training, or maybe for advertising... There was a camera operator with a Hand Held Sony camera (very professional camera)... I am guessing that the camera crew just got lucky with having the emergency to happen on this flight.
Because this -

A little difficult to show "the fascination of flying through the eyes of the pilots" without actually having cameras on the flight deck ;)
That said, probably so but I wonder how much was for the camera
I would say very little... If it had been planned, the camera operator would have better known where to point the camera for looking at the engine instruments and furthermore, it would be very difficult to make that Oil Temp artificially preform that way... It obviously was not an animation.
Looks like an independent commercial venture, although I don't understand their business model or why airlines would allow a "civilian" in the cockpit during flight. Great technical achievement, though.
Could have been for a TV Commercial, or for training video. The setup they had was pretty generic for cockpit use, so I would not say technical achievement... There are a lot of TV programs doing just that. Has been around for quite some time in and out of the cockpit.
Thx. Seems to be a venture exclusive to SwissAir, either for training/review and/or brand awareness. The tech is quite good compared to earlier efforts I've seen. Capture quality is quite good given the extreme contrast range and the editors did a fine job conveying the story. Yes, it isn't rocket science, but they made good use of their tech setup. :)
It is amazing what you can do in HD with Non-Linear Video Editing in Post... I did a video of my cat chasing a robotic fish with 4 cameras and one even underwater.. All you have to is to link your timeline, and chose what video you want to display, Add effects and CG and you are good to go. Easy. Lots of software to do that with.
Nice job!
Very interesting Video, one thing that I did not see much of was CRM... Before the 3rd crew member was called in, both Capt and FO were troubleshooting the problem and relied on the autopilot to fly the plane... Once the other crew member got into the cockpit he seemed to be watching the problem more than what the plane was doing.. This is what killed "Eastern Airlines Flt 401".. Ref: for those who do not remember.
Every time I see videos of and AB cockpit I feel like there's something missing. Like the wheel. Interesting that even with the tablets they were initially consulting, they wound up using paper checklists at the end
Thank you for you expert opinion preacher1! LOL LOL LOL..
nice and calm, with chocolate.
They had to dump the fuel to drop below maximum landing weight allowable for landing with only 3 engines.
I saw that, but in the initial look at it, he said he was OK, then they decided on the dump.
I agree... Did not make much sense... that is a lot of money if not anything else to be spraying across the country side.
Why dump all that fuel, Airplane was more than safe landing with 3 Good engines. Great job on the part of the Captain and crew
Gary R. 1
"We have to dump approximately 53 tons of fuel...." Ouch!
Ken Lane 1
All of it should have been subtitled, "incomprehensible". The only words I understood were, "No problem".

I'll take a German crew over Korean, any day!
Ken Lane 1
Oops, Swiss! I was thinking about the German crew on the video the other day who were as professional.
What is egt limit i guess it is cfm engine
Good decition by pilot and co-pilot well done.

I think it would have been good to run a summary of things going on at critical points in time like at engine 3 idle request, it doesn't hurt to get the right seats nod as things progress. Daytime, good weather also factors.
Dave H 1
At first I thought it was a reenactment lol and the cockpit? Wow first time I have Seen the A340 cockpit, yes I know where have I been actually I have no idea. It looks like a living room with one heck of a stereo system one I would like to have but with a flight control steering yoke. Just a joy stick I believe wouldn't work well In an emergency you don't haveanything to give yyou that sence of control. Well don't light a match when you climb the highest peak there you might get blown right over to the next highest one!
Very interesting video, thank you for posting!
I wish I spoke germain.
1 down....3 to go?
Why they have to land?
Still more 1 more engine then almost every other plane out there?
Shut it down and resume the drink service.
Shoot, Back in the day, EO was a fairly regular happening on a 707,no matter how well maintained, and unless you were headed across the pond or pole, most of the time you just kept on flying
You and I go back aways. Spent a few hours on three engine flights, or the dreaded 7 engine approach on a different Boeing aircraft.
52's - my kinda jet. Flew out of Minot - rtw
Mather AFB had 52's. My house had special sound proofing because those suckers were hell loud on take-off. Had the misfortune of being home the day one didn't make it into the air. Pilot did a heck of job dropping the plane down into the only empty field in the area. Sacramento County then decided that the airports needed a "buffer" zone. Yeah think?
preacher1 -1
7 engine approach??? BUFF???
Yep. My first duty out of Nav school. Crewdog.
Never had the pleasure of being in one of them, I was a medic and helping pick up the aftermath after a Broken Arrow. I spent some time at Thoule back in the day.
I might add radioactive monitoring of 55 gal drums of scraped up ice, with an engineer that could have cleared the place in half the time if he hadn't been scared to make a decision, after the crew bailed over ops and the pilot turned the plane out onto that frozen lake. Dang, it was cold up there. LOL. 1969 I think.
Yes it was.. until that BA747 hesitated for over an hour when flying out of LAX on 3 and later decided to continue to LHR, but had to land short in Ireland!
Well, I said unless you were going over the pond or the pole. That was a bad decision on somebody's part. Common sense had to go into the equation as well.
i was on a Singapore seoul flight years ago , we lost an engine on a 747 -400 about midway , no one knew what happened till we landed in seoul , we were back in the air 2 hours later to Vancouver .
chalet -2
Obviously this was a training flight, otherwise they would not have had a profesional cameraman inside the cockpit. The temp issue was made-up as well as the "fuel dumping". Nothing wrong with that, it is good for training on CRM to other 340 crewmembers as well as for advertising about the excellency of Swiss pilots.
Ken Lane 3
Nope, it was a regular passenger flight. Did you not catch his announcement to passengers?

Besides, this was Swissair over another country. US carriers could get away with it over foreign land though their procedures would still likely forbid it on a revenue flight.
I disagree... On a training flight they would not have had the snacks taken out of the cockpit, because they would not have been there. This was obviously not a practice incident as they could not had the indication failure like that, no way to cause that, furthermore, the procedures for reconnecting a CSD Constant Speed Drive or Generator Disconnect is more than flipping a switch and is usually an RII Item. Also, if they were in a simulator, the video camera the camera guy was holding would have had lines in it, because you cannot video a TV or Monitor effectively because of scan lines.

I agree with Ken Lane on this one.
How did you come to your conclusion? Why can't a professional photographer be in the cockpit? Maybe it was the company's video crew.Do you really think they are going to dump that much fuel just for training?
Stick to what you know best.
Ditto... As long as the camera crew passes background checks just like the pilots have to do and are trained as to what and when they can do what... Then there are no problem... This does happen in the US with out any problems... Just not too common.
chalet 0
On a training flight they pretend that an engine is giving trouble, pretend that they are dumping fuel, pretend assorted other emergencies. This airline has a fleet 40+ aircraft strong what a coincidence that a pro cameraman was on board. Wise up guys.
LOL.. It happened... Just dumb luck... Ever how you slice it.. YOU CANNOT FAKE THE ENGINE DISPLAY! Some people will never figure that out... Also, if it was faked, they would not have had the food tray, the other crew member would not have just been standing around like he was... That Was Not A Training Flight...
chalet 0
Man, Swiss people are efficient beyond believe, the faking is so damn real that a lot of people bought it, I think (LOL!!!)


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