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Southwest Airlines expands footprint at Denver International Airport

Southwest Airlines is one step closer to moving into its newly expanded home at Denver International Airport. The City Council on Monday approved an amended lease agreement with the airline, allowing Southwest's use of five new gates and support space in DIA's Concourse C. ( 기타...

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Just goes to show that local perception is needful and very important. In this DENVER POST ARTICLE, every reference to the Airport is to DIA rather than officially as DEN.
That is the local Name for the airport, which is different from identifier. But that isn't all that uncomon. Look at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitain Airport (new and long-winded name to try to draw in more corporate busniess), just a few miles west of DEN. It was known for years as JeffCo Airport but has had the identifier of BJC because it is in Broofield, in Jefferson County. I would argue that the refference to DIA (Denver International Airport), isn't wrong, just different from its ICAO airport code.

That said, I'm glad to see Southwest picking up more gates and growing in Denver. Sad how Frontier has gone the way of Spirit.
Yeah, there was a post on here a few weeks ago mouthing about that. DIA was so common, especially to the locals, that every time I would file for there, it wasn't uncommon to have to back up and change it. LOL
I used to work a "C" for United Express! I worked out on the tarmac running bags and loading planes. Funnest job I ever had, hands down! The worst part of it? Dealing with the union people ! >:( Those guys and gals were ALWAYS in a bad mood! On the upside, the mechanic cranked up my Toyota baggage tug for running interline and local bags! Getting all eight wheels of the tug and the empty cart off the ground on my way back to "C" from the main terminal! PRICELESS ! :) There were some fun jumps in those tunnels under the terminals. I especially enjoyed the drop down into the terminal B mail sorting dungeon !


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