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Russia disowns Chad-bound arms-laden plane arrested in Nigeria

The Russian government has denied that the aircraft, filled with military hardware, arrested in Nigeria Saturday has any link with Russia. The plane, loaded with arms, bullet proof vests and a chopper, is believed to be on its way to neighbouring Chad, when it was intercepted by Nigerian authorities. ( 기타...

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I love how the Russians are able to just deny things that they are blatantly responsible for and keep a straight face. Russian flag on the gigantic fin of that aircraft is difficult to miss.
They aren't denying the plane but the cargo on it. Probably same difference though.
Actually they were denying the plane as their's..but like all things, they later said it is a Russian plane but the cargo is from France...when things heat up over there, they can never take responsibility for anything.
Saw another article that the plane was chartered by French Peacekeepers and heading to Chad. US Military charters AN 124 also.
linbb 2
Considering how much they really care about who buys there stuff just the money am sure that they didn't have anything to do with it. Right.
Liar, liar, pants on fire!! Nuff said!!


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