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Vortex Shedding from B737

Interesting video shot in Norway and posted on Liveleak. ( 기타...

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Wow although i am 10 i am airplane geek. I love watching that happen. I have seen it a few times myself!
wish my mooney could do that LOL
zennermd 2
I always assumed they came off the wing tips, interesting to see it originating from the flaps. Makes since now that I think about it a little when there are winglets present.
Michael, I had the same reaction! I had to watch a few times to catch that they are coming from the control surfaces or thereabouts.
Why not? The edges of the flaps are basically localized wingtips when extended.
Very well done.. Nice video. Thanks for sharing.
oowmmr 2
Professional video. Reminds me of airshow planes sometimes slicing the moisture out of the air.
kosmik 1
Kinda reminds me of watching the OV-1 Mohawks taking off for early morning missions in Viet Nam. Those wide blade props wringing every bit of moisture out of the dew laden morning air. I never tired of watching the two streams of water pouring off those props.
744pnf 1
Well done, very serene with the lighting and music.
Tranquil, beautiful. Thank you.
Betty O 1
Very beautiful and impressive! Good catch!
HA! Just like ALL my landings! LOL! I used to have to ask tower (or the F/O) if we were on the ground yet! That call went away when I started flying auot-spoiler aircraft...

Actually, these 'calm air' landings always seemed more difficult. Any 'deviations' were 'pilot induced'; you couldn't blame gusty crosswinds!! ;-) Neat video, nice camera, great photographer. I already have that camera, now all I need is a ticket to Norway... :rolleyes:

Thanks for posting the link!
You are very welcome to visit Norway, however the video was shoot Arlanda airport just outside Stockholm, Sweden :-)
Oops! (Thankfully never said in my cockpit... out loud, anyway!) You are correct, of course, the airport is clearly mentioned in the text! Got fixated on the logo on the 737! My panel scanning is getting rusty! 8+|
Nicely done by both pilot and photographer.
Just beautiful! I also enjoyed the music chosen. Who was it performed by? Thank you.
ADXbear 1
Nice.. common to see these in very moist air extending off the outboard section of the flaps.. its the result of compression of the air flow over the top of the wing... nice catch..
ajbncsu 7
Sort of, but not really compression.....The condensation occurs due to the localized reduction in pressure on top of the wing, which results in a localized temperature drop to the ambient dew point, hence the visible moisture.
ah, the rare occurrence of total sense getting talked. magic!
The absences of (visible) vertices from the wing tips is what I really like!


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