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(Video) Another Wild Wing Wave

Another wild wing wave, this time from a JAL 787. Are these normal or abnormal? ( 기타...

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It's a sign of respect, back when there was some. A wing wave!
N47 2
is that how your wing got bent?
Nothing remotely unsafe about that.
I didn't see anything wrong with that.
Personally, with a PRC and gear up, look over at your PNF and say "watch this"
Infamous last words. ;)
"here, hold my beer" is right up there with 'watch this"
lynx318 1
Then the words "Tower, we request a flyby. Negative the pattern is closed" is heard, then the inevitable happens.........Spilt coffee¡¡
AWAAlum 1
hahaha-I feel as though I've just watched a rerun of Top Gun.
lynx318 1
It was on TV here in South Australia last night again.
Having been on both sides of that, remember the days of FO/PNF, and just cringing when I would hear those words. LOL
Anything short of the 707 barrel roll is ok.

And while that maneuver was risky, it was done pretty far away from the people watching.
A bit late, but i bet it wasn't the first time he did it in that airplane. After you really know how to roll an airplane, you can roll any of them, spoiler wing excluded, and the real trick is knowin the ones that don't like to be rolled. Why bother, I'm too old for the wrestling match and sometimes in the worst ones, the airplane wins.
I'm sure some management types who have never sat in a cockpit will have some sort of "safety" issues with this... I've never done your job, but this book says you're doing it wrong!!!
Book? You know of course that real managers don't read books, they read executive short versions of condensed versions of books, they have no time for real books! :)
Another wasted 2 minutes, except for getting to see a beautiful machine!
bbabis 2
Left seat PF induces PIO thru the FBW system by moving the stick right while reaching over to also raise the gear. A couple of oscillations and they were good to go.
btweston 1
Poe's law...
As of 12/14/14 it was sitting in Everett , Washington.
smoki 1
The formation publicity airshow by the A350s has that beat by a long shot. Of course that was well planned, briefed and practiced with all concerned in the loop.
Much ado about nothing.
AWAAlum 1
That's what's such fun about being on the edge of this industry, even the "nothings" send a shiver. Sorry you have to miss out on that.
As a pilot myself I'm not sure what I'm missing out on if I don't see this wave as a big deal. It was neither unsafe nor spectacular. It's just a pilot having a bit of fun and doesn't warrant all of the hoopla, both positive and negative.
AWAAlum 1
You're above all that. I get it.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with being fascinated by big planes doing moderate maneuvers. There's other cool stuff like that too. Take choo choo trains, big dump trucks and cranes for instance. Wow huh? Oops, got your nose!
btweston 1
Are you serious? This was clearly labeled as air show footage. So, uh, not normal.
That was either intentional or bad flying. Probably the latter. The PF over correcting.
No, Nick. It was a delivery flight for that aircraft. When the company takes delivery, many pilots will do a wing wave to salute the work that went into making the plane. The runway is very near the factory and engineering buildings.
srobak -3
That wasn't Paine.
100% that was PAE. Look at the tower and delivery buildings
N47 -8
life must be so boring for them to have to do stuff like this. It looks utterly ridiculous. it's not the safety issue, it's the cockpit mindset I question.
AWAAlum 3
It's sad to be so jaded one can't appreciate "stuff like this". I imagine the salute was gleefully accepted and appreciated by all those who worked on the plane. It's nice to be recognized!
I concurr with you. The "wing wave" is a symbolism of the aircaft leaving it's nest. That aircraft will never return again to KPNE in it's lifetime again. That was was a great and beautiful salute to it's maker!


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