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Incident: British Airways B787 near London on Jan 8th 2015, engine shut down in flight

A British Airways Boeing 787-800, registration G-ZBJE performing flight BA-103 from London Heathrow,EN (UK) to Calgary,AB (Canada), was climbing through FL350 about 95nm north of London when the crew needed to shut an engine.. ( 기타...

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Not according to the flight tracking on this site
The Track log has now been updated and confirms the report.

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Might I ask how a story of an engine out became a conversation on number designations of a 747? Just askin'.
Oh it's just for fun this time around Preacher
Boeing aircrafts are the most solids ! I am unhappy that Delta Airlines ordered the Airbus 350-900 instead of the Boeing 787-9 ! I like to travel with Delta !
747-100 B
When will people learn to stop saying 747-800 and 787-800. Boeing said -8 and -8i I say this because boeing said so
Its confusing as the ICAO is 788 (787-800. Boeing aircraft type designator is 787 8XX i.e. Air New Zealand technically is 787-819 and United is 787-822

As long as it is recognisable as a 787/788 787-800/787-819 I think most aviation orientated people of FA get the gist. Many like me look up aircraft details.
This is a big deal only because the 787 is still relatively new and is high-profile.


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