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Oh My God There's Duct Tape On My Plane!

... Or so it would appear. Every so often somebody uploads a photo of what appears to be silver duct tape affixed to some portion of an airplane. The media or the internet gets hold of it, and instantly it's a scandal. But what are people really seeing? the truth isn't so scary. ( 기타...

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Duct/Duck tape in aircraft use is strictly limited to restraining unruly passengers.
works better than chewing gum and baling wire
and cyanoacrylate (super glue) is too hard to work with.
We called it 500 mile per hour tape.
Ken Lane 2
We used the stuff in the Navy. I can buy it now though I don't stock it nor have I had requests. A 2"x180' roll is about eighty bucks.
It's really what is called "speed tape". It's perfectly normal and legal. When a new windshield is replaced, you might see it around the edges. It never affects the safety of the aircraft.
StarFlyr 1
It's called high speed tape and certified for temporary repairs to outside aircraft skin. I remember it being used back in the 60's. Nothing to be concerned about. Wondering why this site would even post this piece.
Correct, every AF crew chief had some. Among other uses, it could be used for a temp repair on fabric covered control surfaces. But yes, it was a bit disconcerting to the pax:)
StarFlyr 1
This discussion should be moved to huffingtonpost where the "low information" bloggers reside.
Crossposted to huffpost, and also to stormfront since it seems to be a durable item for repair of tinfoil hats.
Would someone please proofread this @#$%^#$%$%
Crew landed in tree covered LZ in an H-60 a few years ago and tapped a branch or two on the way in with the tip caps. Duct tape worked just fine to get it back to the hangar.
Ignorance is bliss!
In the space business, some low pressure ground cryo systems can be patched with a wet rag. No point in spending more than the job requires, aka Akin's Law #13.
Back in the day (don't you hate it when a comment starts out like that? ) we called it Mach 2 Tape. 'Course, the A3 Skywarrior couldn't quite reach Mach 2 - or 1 for that matter - however, it got us to the next place without the panel(s) falling off. (smiley face inserted here).
I've always enjoyed the ground workers pointing and gesturing, when we taxied into Zurich with one of our air deflector doors forward of a paratroop door in our C130 wired shut with insulated (white) electrical wire , made for a lovely contrast against the Navy Grey.
Just flew ANA this week on a 787 from Singapore to Tokyo. It was an early morning flight and I was on the sun side of the aircraft in Business class. There are no window shades on a 787 and the electronic shade is not strong enough to filter direct sunlight. The flight crew had a rubber membrane cut to the size of the window which they tried to adhere to the window which kept falling so they used a fabric tape to help it stay on. I wish I had taken a picture to show to Boeing!! So much for my first 787 ride.
Use it on a GA plane to restrict cooling air intakes for cabin and avionics in the winter when the low temperatures would truly make the cabin heating system underperform.... I'm partial to colored, tartan and camouflage tape rather than boring silver.....
That's funny. My fathet when leaving Puerto Rico back in the 50's in route to Fort Jackson for boot camp, was so afraid to fly and when he walked up to the plane he saw that some of the tin rivited to it had been done so with the tin cracker boxes. oh my, they had to force him on. hahahaha, he recalls thinking to whole time that this old plane was going down.


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