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Jet Blue rejects takeoff at JFK due to runway incursion

JetBlue flight 1295 was forced to stop short on the runway Saturday night around 9 o'clock just before taking off. JetBlue says a Caribbean Airways flight crossed in front of the aircraft, forcing the plane's pilots to hit the brakes. The flight was able to take off about three hours later and landed in Texas. ( 기타...

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Caribbean Airlines pilots messed up big time here. So did the tower controller. So here's what happened. Two runways were being used at JFK that night, 22R the longer runway was used for takeoffs and 22L the shorter for landings. CAL landed on 22L while JBU was taking off 22R. For CAL to get to the ramp they had to cross 22R. Now the procedure CAL was supposed to follow was after slowing down on 22L they were to exit the runway by making a right turn onto the taxiway AND STOP BEFORE crossing 22R until the tower gave them clearance to cross 22R after the last aircraft takes off and the runway is clear. They did NOT stop before crossing and proceeded to cross the active runway 22R while JBU was speeding down the runway to take off on 22R. What seemed to have happened was after landing CAL changed their radio from the tower frequency to the ground frequency withouth any permission or instruction to do so. What is worse is when the ground controller asked them if they received a clearance to cross runway 22R they lied and said YES!!! Blame must also be placed on the tower controller because he did not instruct CAL to exit the runway and stop before crossing runway 22R as he should have. However this does not take blame away from CAL for changing frequency with no permission and crossing an active runway without a clearance. CAL pilots need to be disciplined/fired and the tower controller needs to be reprimanded.
My thoughts exactly (see my synopsis above). I think there is a little blame to go around.

Caribbean should accept responsibility for not being cleared to switch frequencies. I don't know for a fact, but the ATIS I'm sure would have alerted them to BOTH 22L & 22R operations.

JFK should accept responsibility for failing to give specific taxiway instructions, and subsequently, the hold short of 22R instruction. Good thing he got his Ground Control buddy to ask him on frequency if he received clearance to cross, which caught Caribbean in a lie.
You might want to change the title. It's a runway incursion as in somebody entered the runway. If it was an excursion then the Jet Blue flight would have gone off the runway.
Doh! I did post 'ex' when I should have put 'in'. Shows the benefit of 'read back' and the 'second set of eyes" principle. Now I just need to pick up squawk editing skills. Thanx
I just got done listening to the ATC feed (both Tower and Ground) on This is what I found:

1. JFK Tower cleared BWA526 with no mention of further taxiway instructions.

2. JFK Tower cleared JBU1295 to line up and wait.

3. Several other aircraft landed with instruction to taxi via right Juliet, then hold short 22R. After departing aircraft from 22R passed, holding aircraft on Juliet were cleared to taxi across 22R, then to monitor Ground.

4. There was no acknowledgement from Tower of BWA626 landing and runway exit, nor any further taxiway instructions.

5. JBU1295 is cleared for takeoff.

6. JFK Tower tells BWA526 to hold short of 22R, twice, with No acknowledgement. BWA526 had switched to Ground frequency by this time before crossing 22R.

7. JFK Tower instructs JBU1295 to abort takeoff.

8. JFK Tower tries to contact BWA526 twice, with No acknowledgement.

8. JFK Tower asks JBU1295 if they need any assistance. They say no. Tower directs to turn right Golf, then right Bravo. Eventually, to the ramp.

9. JFK Ground asks BWA526 if they were cleared to cross 22R. They acknowledge YES - They were NOT!
I think JBU saw 526 and started the abort before the tower told them
Chuck Me 2
To restore faith in the system, I hope you're correct. :)
I think your right. I forgot to add in my synopsis that after JBU1295 aborted the takeoff and acknowledged that they didn't need any assistance, they asked the Tower what aircraft was crossing. The Tower confirmed it was BWA526.
Chuck Me 2
I did not catch the comment on ground about them claiming to have been cleared across 22R.

Nice summary. Better quality than what I slapped together from tower.

Thank you.
Your welcome. The Ground controller seemed a little confused as he asked BWA526 if he was cleared to cross. It was probably because his buddy beside him in the Tower was telling him about it. These controllers handled it a lot calmer than most than JFK transmissions of mishaps I've heard.
It is impossible to tell when someone will pull out on the runway. I was about 1/4 mile from touchdown and a tween Beech was told to hold for landing traffic. The Beech continued on the runway and taxied down the runway. There was never any acknowledgement from the Beech. The tower began shouting on final go around, but I had already started the go around. Finally the Beech answered and blamed it on between frequencies on the radios. A complete PHUPA on the part of the BEECH but it really would not matter if I had landed anyway. There would have been no one left to ask what happened. You must always expect someone to pull on the runway. I have even had a tractor mowing grass do a 180 and just drive across the numbers causing another go around. It happens more that you think.
My dread was parallel runways with a lineup waiting to cross from the outboard. Whether landing or taking off, until I was clear, the dread of something happening was there. I'd rather have it happen on landing because as you did here, you had time for TOGA. You might not always be able to stop in time. That said, although options are more limited in the plane, it is not really any different than getting in your car and going home from the Airport, although Pilot's are generally a little more professional.
bbabis 4
So the Caribbean flight also landed without a clearance. Was LAHSO operations broadcast on ATIS? Kind of sounds like a clueless crew. The JetBlue crew did a good job but it seams that journalistic over exaggeration is clearly in play also.
LAHSO applies to intersecting runways.
Too much Ganga, mon!
Different Island!!!
"a passenger-packed JetBlue flight 1295 headed full throttle down JFK's runway to Texas" Oh, the action,I'm getting flashbacks of Barnaby Jones whipping around town in his LTD swilling milk!!!
Sounded better than "Started take off roll"
JFK, EWR, ORD, LAX, SFO and ATL are the busiest airports in this country followed by DFW and DEN. Why was HOU and IAD the first to get the new runway and taxi light system designed to prevent this type of occurrence from happening. The FAA needs to prioritize how and where they spend their money better.
Regardless of who messed up, stuff happens. Most of us are on here because we have paid attention to what's going on around us over the years and have did the same thing or something similar that the JB crew did. It is just like defensive driving; you have to continually watch the other guy.
btweston 2
"The Caribbean Pilot never answered because as Eyewitness News has learned, he was on the wrong frequency and never heard tower instructions to stop, nor repeated calls from the tower. "

So, uh, the entire freaking system broke down. Yikes.
To boot, if they had not contact with him, why was the JB cleared in the 1st place.
Chuck Me 1
Speculation on my part but here goes:
They are cleared to land. They land and turn off with no instructions so they went to ground.

Prior flights had been instructed "right at juliet, hold short of 22R stay with me". Controller was dealing with others as 526 landed and turned off. My guess (and I can't hear it on liveatc) is he never instructed them to turn and hold short of 22R as he had done with others. Didn't realize it until saw then hustling towards 22R.
I think he went strait to ground or somewhere because there was no response at all.
ON of two things ....Either a poorly trained pilot or he had a brain fart.
And notice that it was Jet Blue that saw the incursion and aborted. Tower didn't catch it I don't think, or at least not in time to do anything.
Would that not be a breach of procedure?
Are not all inbound aircraft required to get clearance to land and then instructed to switch to the GND frequency at the time of permission given to land?
And is not the flight crew( one handling the radio) required to read back all instructions BEFORE any of the instructions are carried out?
I listen to plenty of ATC traffic and this seems to be the normal procedure.
Ed Mentz 1
reading talk for more technology to prevent this... OK, well, lets not go so far down that road that we rely on technology. My reading tells me that pilots have become system managers and no longer remember how to fly the damn things.... just saying a caution, but what the hell do I know....
I have had issues with Caribbean Airlines seemly in ignoring tower/ground instructions to the extent I have had to slam on the brakes when they 'crossed runways' on 2 occasions.
Who were the clown pilots operating the Caribbean Airways plane?
I'll take a farfetched guess and say they were Caribbean Airlines pilots. Usually it's your employees that work for you...
This is the flight with a late start
More details from the Caribbean 373 failed to hold short after landing.
Heads should roll on this one. A few people should be getting "time one the beach"
Back in the mid 1970s I was aboard a United 747 as it was on final approach to SFO. Back in those days you could listen on the in-flight entertainment system to whomever the cockpit was talking with on the radio. We were cleared to land on 28L and were making a nice smooth approach. At two miles out the following exchange happened (Flight numbers are made up. I can't remember them from that long ago, but I sure do remember what went on) :

TOWER: TWA 335 you're cleared to cross 28 L and proceed to 28R for takeoff.

TWA 335 (angrily): I'll be damned if Im going to cross 28L. UNITED182 Heavy's on final there.

TOWER (with urgency, his voice an octave higher): UNITED 182 Heavy, can you make 28R?

UNITED 182 Heavy: I'll try ...

At the same instant we did an abrupt right turn followed immediately by a sharp left and about ten seconds later we landed -- hard -- on 28R. It was amazing -- I didn't think a 747 could do that, but it did. Anyhow, after we'd finally stopped ...

UNITED 182 Heavy (furiously): Tower, you stay right where you are, mister. I'm comin' to see you!!!!!

I have no idea how that encounter may have gone down.

I suspect that the Captain did what he did to avoid a "go around" -- which at SFO is a long, long process. I'd experienced one of them on a previous flight so I can empathize with any Captain who doesn't want to do one if he can help it.

That said, the Captain did something very risky -- and IMO unnecessary. He (and we) got away with it, though.

2 miles is kinda close. If I'd have been the Captain, I'd have looked him up too.
Chuck Me 1
I don't hear 526 acknowledging any hold short instruction. They are cleared to land then the next thing I hear about them is being asked if then can stop short of 22R. (after 1295 was cleared to takeoff). Then being issued a "stop" command.

There is a muddy section of the recording on liveatc so it may be there and just not on the scanner pickup. Not trying to place blame here. Just relaying observations.

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yep, especially about the arrogant Dutch Captain.

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You're probably right, given our media.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

JetBlue plane rolling at full speed aborts takeoff at JFK when another aircraft crosses runway

NEW YORK -- A JetBlue plane had to abort a takeoff at Kennedy International Airport when another aircraft suddenly crossed the runway, the airlines said Sunday.
linbb 4
Full Speed??? OK I bite what is full speed V1 or V2???? If the latter may not have stopped clear of the crossing AC.
Clearly another great job of journalism. However it couldn't have been V2 since they would have already way they're going to un-rotate lol. Must have been below V1. Of course to any reporter those speeds translate to "full speed" "maximum speed" and "OMG speed."
Thank God they didn't take it up to "Ludicrous speed!"


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