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How all "Disruptive Passenger" diverts should end.

A South African woman caused an AC flight from LHR-YYZ to be diverted to YHZ after berating and technically assaulting members of the cabin crew. After pleading guilty, she will pay a fine and reimburse AC for the cost of the diversion. ( 기타...

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canuck44 12
Pity he didn't divert to Goose Bay or even Gander. Then let her find her way home from one of those two winter garden spots if Air Canada were to ban her. Now that would get pricey.
She should have been cuffed and strapped to her seat until the aircraft reached its destination. It would have saved the company a lot of money and kept it on schedule. I thought the airlines kept plastic cuffs on board for such incidents. The FAs are taught how to restrain unruly passengers. I am sure that some of the other passengers would gladly have given a hand in order to remain on schedule.
chalet -4
RIGHT ON, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT ONCE IS WIDELY KNOWN NOBODY WOULD DARE TO RAISE HELL ON A PLANE. If it is a drunken passenger, male or female it does not matter, give him or her a bottle full of whatever booze is being consumed until passes out, this will save a lot of money to the airline and the avoid the other passengers to arrive late.
I like the spirit of your idea... the problem is it becomes one heck of a liability problem if you intentionally over serve somebody and they die, get sick or injure themselves or someone else. Then it is *not* cheaper.

Restraints are not a bad idea though. Just restrain (cuff) the unruly person to either their seat or one of the Flight Attendant jump seats that also have shoulder straps.
lynx318 2
This might sound harsh but ratchet strap her to front landing gear upright, tape a gopro above her. Any time she plays up or wants to go to toilet, captain can lower gear & broadcast to PAX via entertainment system for there amusement & remind them why they should behave.
And charge her for the additional fuel burned for the 'service'
Good one Lynx. You definitely put it out there!
lynx318 1
When in doubt, fall back on the absurd.
You know're comment is priceless. I'm still laughing!
lynx318 1
Thank you. As I get older my ideas are getting sillier.
No. Don't use a crew jumpseat! Just "hog-tie her and strap her in on the bathroom throne.
Hey, how about a human size pet carrier. She's getting there but not very comfortably.
Would that be larger than her seat in coach?
Absolutely.Real comfy. And the privacy is "second to none".
That works.
Good Idea. The heads need seat belts any way.
Hey Mark...they really do. Is there an FAA or FAR suggestion box?
I've been trying to find one you eons. I guess uncle is afeared of comments and suggestions. :-)
If there is one, it is right above a shredder. Oh yes, the box is bottomless.
lynx318 1
Also known as the round filing cabinet.
chalet 1
If it is a liability to serve extra booze, then restraints should also be as it is a pólice action. Either way, all these unruly pieces of you know what should be dealt with in a real harsh manner, problem is that the airlines are weak enforcers, prefer diverting at any cost.
Might also need a proper application of duc tape to the pie hole to keep them quiet!
"Johansson, who is from Johannesburg, told RCMP after her arrest that she was upset because she couldn't sit with her husband on the flight..."

Who came out a winner in all of this? - her husband! What a genius!
This is the very reason why there should be more than just terrorist-related people on No-Fly Lists. Stupid people should be included too, like this idiot.

It goes with the same logic on the road: Cops have the authority to pull your driver's license, so why can't "flight offenders" get their privilege to fly revoked?
I think the judge kind of hinted that taking a return flight home via Air Canada wasn't going to be an option for this woman. And airlines already have their own "no fly" list that they share. I suspect the woman will be taking an ocean liner home, though I'm sure her husband is more than welcome to fly whatever airline he wishes, lol.

BTW, the airlines' shared "no fly" list is much more effective than the questionable government versions (which include thousands of infants, children, elderly, and just people who shouldn't have ever been on it but are because their name is similar in spelling or sound to someone else's name).

As for cops doing roadside license revocations, no, they aren't allowed to do that (at least not here in the US). The DMV and courts do that, the cops simply serve the revocation notice (only if it can't be delivered by mail in most cases).
Actually, there are statutes where an instant temprary revocation of driving privileges is permitted.
For example, when NC raised the speed limit on rural interstates to 70 mph, a new rule was added. Any driver caught moving at a speed of 81 mph or greater is considered "reckless" and subject to immediate revocation of license.
That ain't quite so. I had my license taken to be "run" while on private property. The owner protested to police presence and the officer stopped and departed the scene. Unfortunately he took my license and turned it in to the property division where I was allowed to drive 40 miles to pick it up as it was against policy to mail it. I'm surprised he didn't set me up to be arrested for driving without my license in my possession.
Happy to read more comments here supporting the notion that offenders who interrupt the operations of a flight crew (in any way, for that matter) should be wholly responsible for the financial costs of doing so. Full stop. The regulations are quite clear on this matter. Ignorance (even for passengers) is *not* a valid excuse!
While I wholeheartedly agree that the idiots should be responsible for the costs of the diversion, I seriously doubt that any of the passengers could pay the bill. Those big crates take serious money to operate, especially landing, then taking off again, plus the overtime pay of the airline employees. I say, handcuff fool, strap them in, and don't slow down until you get to the scheduled destination. Even if the court ordered the perp to pay the costs, they would have to be violated as few people have access to that kind of money.
I agree that it is unlikely someone would be able to financially cover the costs in a lump sum. However, setting up a payment plan, garnishing wages (even if permanently), making estates financially liable, and putting some financial teeth into the punishment is about the only way this sort of thing can be curbed. Sadly, most people don't listen to or bother to understand the law until something hits them in the pocketbook. In the meantime, handcuffs and a good strapping in would help.
canuck44 4
Mark up the cost, take a note and then sell it to one of the nasty groups that deal with collecting.
Wow! You take no prisoners, John! Those guys are nasty. Good way to get her attention!
pnschi -1
You should read some of the comments in the article. "Air Canada - we're not happy until you're not happy!"

Seriously, when are airlines held to anything like the same level of accountability as this woman? Or any business for that matter. Since 9/11 they've used security concerns to get away with treating people like @$&*, and some of them will snap.
There is no excusing her behavior. Call out others if you like but you can not write off her behavior as an excuse. If you have a beef with the airline then file a grievance against them, but throwing food like 2 year old and disrupting all the other passengers who have paid to be on board is just wrong on all counts.
I would like to add to Marks post. As a Flight Crew member for 30+ years, I have see and heard alot. Bank Execs deficating on service carts and men attemting rape with inflight female crew members. Don't play the 9/11 card, as far as security. It should have been beefed up a long time before that.And what do you think a Flight Crews "breaking point"is? Trust me. You don't want to find out or you'll end up like "the deficator" and Miss South Africa.
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I wonder how she plans to get back to South Africa. I doubt Air Canada will ever allow her on any flight again, and I suspect other airlines are already aware of the incident.

Don't need a crystal ball to to see she has a lengthy (and very expensive) trip via ocean liner coming up if she wants to return home.
bettiem 2
LOL. Or working her way back on a tramp steamer. (Actually, not a bad adventure.)
lynx318 1
Sea turtles, mate.
I can tell you, if I owned an airline she petitioned for a ticket, I'd fly with an open seat before she'd board. I know dinosaurs roamed freely when I operated a business, but my people were my most important asset. It was a matter of real pride when I awarded a 30 or even a 40 year service pin. I made a 5 year award as important as it was only a matter of time when they would be eligible for another award. Let's see if DAL has their peoples backs.
I was traveling on Delta from ATL to Bo's a number of years ago and the guy right behind me was either drunk or on drugs. He was taking his ten year old son home to his mother.

Among his activities, he:

• Was loud and obnoxious
•. He kept taking bottles of boos off the drink cart as they stopped serving him.
• He sprayed shaving cream all over the back of the flight attendant. It was actually kind of funny but she did not think so.
•. He threw the food from the meal all over the cabin.
•. He got a can of beer out of his carry-on from the overhead
•. Right before we landed he ran up to 1st class and sat

The captain came back twice warning him they were going to divert if he did not settle down. Once we landed, the first thing we saw those big black boots of the Boston cops removing him first. The flight attendants took care of the kid.
Easy... Ban them from ever flying again on the no fly list
Since 9/11 I do not believe any of the cockpit crew should become involved indeed the cockpit door should be locked firmly. On all flights I have been on over the years any passenger that showed violence to cabin crew would be sat on by many of the male passengers.
So then restrain them with handcuffs or similar divert to nearest airport and drop said passenger off with local police. Get the local police to hold offender in their cells for 24 hours then release. During that 24 hours make sure the offender is put on every no flight list available and then watch even a rich person get home by train? slow and doesn't cross water but the level of inconvenience to a rich person used to buying anything they want including time would be so annoying I suggest a much stronger lesson than any fine or bill to reimburse the airline. Oh one last inconvience to impose on the offender do not offload their luggage until the original destination thus making them complete the journey in the clothes they stand up in.
Amy Lou 2
I think every passenger should be given Xanax prior to boarding. I honestly believe some of these people act out due to anxiety.
egnilk66 1
Or some bong rips or cannabis brownies.
Your idea would only work out of Denver in Colorado airports and Washington airports.
Drugs are the answer? Are you serious? I try to be respectful here but there are limite to my understanding. Drugs, both illegal and prescribed are causing most of the problems in society. Do you believe that the airlines or the government should be prescribing mind altering drugs for any reason?
pnschi 2
"Drugs, both illegal and prescribed are causing most of the problems in society."

That's quite a sweeping statement! How about greed, stupidity, hatred? I think all of those do pretty well without drugs.
Yes she had all of those symptoms.
lynx318 1
Can of worms time. How bout religion, generally related to all of the above.
I was trying not to complicate the issue with that but yea that too. When you come down to it any excuse seems tolerable. The one or two ignore the rights of 100 others putting themselves first. If I don't celebrate Christmas you can't either. If you're not Muslim, you have no right to live. These are for now a small minority and act like a lynch mob in a cowboy movie. By the way, the airline owners have invested a pretty impressive amount of money to provide transportation from here to there. Maybe some would like to try to commute from LA to Corpus Cristi on a weekly basis or maybe Baltimore to Jacksonville every Monday without an airline never mind if someone on board your bird is eating pork for lunch.
Seriously? Do you know some of the side-effects of Xanax? One of them is irratability. There have also been reports of people going completely out of control. Even if it works perfectly, what happens in case of an emergency?
Yea sorry you can't pay me back for the delay -
Class action suit against her should be tacked on.
Yes hand cuff her and tie her to a seat - the toilet seat !
I wonder how many on this flight missed their connections
and were delayed even further.
Was the weapon the water, or was it the empty water bottle?
linbb 1
Doesn't matter the intent is what does. And by the way for John above, the word is mush you dogs mush.
canuck44 3
LOL...unfortunately the dog teams have been replaced by snowmobiles. I have had the "pleasure" of being invited to speak in Gander during the winter months, arrived in a blizzard from YHZ to a warm Holiday Inn with well stocked bar and did not re-emerge until it was time to return to Halifax. I quickly discovered the truly smartest and heartiest doctors and clinic nurses in the country had been forced to travel at least part of the way by snowmobile. After a couple of Newfoundland winter drinks, there were no dogs to be seen. Wonderful, friendly people but a chick from South Africa would not enjoy the weather.
Well, it does matter if she were prosecuted on the charge. If by it doesn't matter you mean either or both could have been the weapon, I've got no argument. Anyway, my comment was just meant as flippant humor.
Wish all courts would learn from this most sensible verdict and penalise the culprits for the inconvenience to all. Indian courts take no action till someone files a police complaint! No wonder such cases are on the increase in Indian domestic aviation
jcsjcs 1
I'll never understand why it's not possible to simply restrain the person and keep on going. Was it safe to land somewhere with her unrestrained?
The only problem I see is the need to go to a toilet every once in a while...
No problem
Just put a plastic cover on the seat and let her sit in it. LOL
Irresponsible passengers, from the communal global loud mouthed drunken yob, to the conceited big headed verbal bully,are a not only a menace to society, but when on board a passenger jet liner pose an immanent danger to the aircraft and subsequently the lives of everyone else on board. These morons should be banned from flying on any and all airline carriers world wide for life, receive a mandatory prison sentence of not less than 2 years, heavily fined and pay full compensation to the airline for the all diversion costs, which would amount to many thousands of GBP'S & also compensation to all the passengers who have financially lost out due to the diversion and delays. I am an X- police officer and have no patience with these garbage sorts with whom we have to share this planet
Ed Mentz 1
I have often thought that the quality of NaVY OFFICERS was insured by the ability of the Navy to make the bad ones swim home. Guess the doors wont open inflight tho, eh?
Maybe people will learn to behave on aircraft. Atta boy AC. Good move.
Yep. Accountability is the best
dodger4 1
How does AC become the dog in this story?? They run a pretty good show, and this is recognized by thousands of passengers who fly with them domestically and Internationally. The issue is with the woman, not AC. So she can't sit with her husband...? Hello...check in 1½ - 2 hours before the flight like they want on International flights.
Love it!!!
Duct tape her in the restroom
Window seat, last row. Loo is essential real estate.
lynx318 2
Refer my comment above in Ev Butler's thread, don't waste good seats(loo included) on bad customers.
The comment to which you referred is suitable for framing!
Rope and duct tape
i am a bit late to this discussion -
a fine plus expenses ( a lot more than the AC case) were awarded recently against a disruptive passenger by a judge in Perth Western Australia ..
Does Aus have small claims court where the passengers could sue hem for lost time, revenue etc?
sorry, but I am not aware of a low cost option like that in Oz. Others may have better knowledge ??
Maybe some sort of civil suit through normal courts is theoretically possible, but the costs (time & money) would not be worth it. As I understand it, the ticket contract with the airline does not include getting you there according to the schedule either.
Most of this tantrum over not being able to sit with her husband for the trip. She must have been ticketed a short time before flight time and was probably told of the seating arrangement prior to leaving for the airport and she elected to go anyway. This is a spoiled brat who thinks she is special enough to disrupt the seating on an airplane then take it out of the flight crew when no one wants to switch seats with her. She belongs to be on a slooow freighter back to South Africa in an isolated cabin.
I think AC should have offered her free Nome, Ak, sent her luggage to Timbuktu and her passport on the next flight to China. I fly commercial a LOT and I get really tired of people who think they own everything they set foot on.
Why give that problem to the United States? We have enough problems here with the government choosing not to prosecute the guests from our south border. Send her to the Yukon or the NWT.
I have an opinion about this woman but it's not kind, and I don't want to say those kind of things on a public forum.
So you commented to say you don't want to comment. ???
mike SUT 0
Bigger issue in the days of Post 9/11 she causing a distraction to get the attendants involved so that something more sinister could take place. In the "old days" the First Officer or the Flight Engineer sometimes went back to "counsel" the offender on how to live in the same world that the rest of us did and to the consequences of what would happen if they didn't. No second thought about coming out of the cockpit, yes, I said cockpit (flight deck to those who are politically correct) but these way. Best possible ending and lesson for all those that don't think they have to follow the rules.
Ron Cook -1
I agree this lady got her comeuppance, people get stressed flying, what efforts were made to seat her with her husband. On boarding a flight out of HKG I found the business class seat was not lie flat as advertised and asked politely to deplane. I was instructed to be seated which I did. I complained to to the carrier who offered me an upgrade on my next flight. I did not accept the offer and successfully sued them in the consumer claims tribunal. Airlines staff have power over passengers but it should be used carefully, I wonder if a more sympathetic crew would have had the same result.
Doesn't matter. Were both their seats booked together?


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