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Kelowna Flightcraft Boeing 727 Arriving Back Home at CYLW (Video).

Here's a video showing a Kelowna Flightcraft Boeing 727-200 arriving back home at CYLW after losing the contract with Purolator/Canada Post. This video shows the windy approach and a firm landing. Who knows what will be the fate of these classic 727's now. ( 기타...

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Awesome piloting with the dependable 'Tri-Jet! :-)
I miss em

fokrab 2
Always liked 3 pilots in cockpit. First I've seen a 727 with winglets. Flew many times on the 727.
Still love those old workhorses
II used to work, and still live, within earshot of those old 727s arriving and departing YQR. When the eastbound flight left in summer, I knew it was time to get ready to go home. And in the '80s, I spent three years working for Purolator, loading their Convairs. I shall miss the sound, if not the noise level, of those big ol' jets.
fritzzz25 -3
Sure won't miss the daily noise of the 727 leaving YVR.


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