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Wi Fi in the Sky

A good update as to which airlines have what, at the moment. ( 기타...

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WiFi would make flying time more productive. Now all I need is enough space between me and the seat in front of me open my laptop and be able to type on it. I'm a tall, skinny guy and normally have to do yoga-like contortions to access my laptop from underneath the seat, and if the person in front of me reclines their seat it's pretty much impossible.

For now, WiFi only works if you're in first class or if you have an iPhone or Blackberry type device to access the Internet.
Rich Levy 0
I was on SWA177 from BWI to Boston this morning. I was surprised to see an antenna on the top of the plane, but there was no mention from the cockpit of attendants of wifi or any internet or moble phone connection.
Carl Jones 0
If Southwest gets Wifi on all of its planes, I will probably never fly anything else. I really like SWA, its no hassle, no baggage fees, they're great to the military, and with wifi on top of all that. contest.

@MimosaDrive, I feel your pain man. I'm a tall, solidly built kind of guy w/ broad shoulders and long legs and arms. Getting to the laptop usually isn't the problem. Its my knees hitting the seat in front of me, which is why I often request and exit row seat or in the case of SWA, make sure i'm in the A 1-30 boarding group usually.
bwalko 0
Allow WiFi, but ban cell phone conversations. WiFi would be a great revenue maker for the airlines.
I am employed by XOJET, Inc. We are currently outfitting all of our Citation X and Challenger 300 aircraft with WI-FI. customers are impressed. Completions for all by July 30'th.


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