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This Has To Be One Of The Most Exhilarating P-51 Mustang Videos Ever

It's amazing to think that the P-51D Mustang named “Quick Silver” was cobbled together from over 200 different Mustang parts and projects. It just looks too good sitting on the ramp. But no matter how good she looks sitting still, sitting on her horizontal stabilizer during extreme maneuvers, as seen in this awesome video, is simply a dream. Make sure to click “HD” to watch this video in all its detailed glory. ( 기타...

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At the Legends and Leaders Mustang roundup in Columbus, Sept, 2007, Quick Silver was the sharpest lookin of ALL the P-51s there!
My view doesn't seem to have the video. Any ideas?
It's not immediately obvious in the article, but the second image (in-cockpit, back of the pilot's helmet with the GoPro sticker) will play the video if you click it. Failing that, you can also view the video on Scott Yoak's FB page:
Thanks. I did see the video but not in HD. It was very pixelated. The article behind the link had a empty frame where I thought the HD version should be. Maybe I'm missing something, but even your facebook link is pixelated.
Hm, interesting. It looks like FB doesn't have HD turned on by default; you have to turn it on yourself if you want HD. It's at the bottom right of the video, just click where it says "HD."
watching was a 'cheap thrill'.
gave me chills.
It's amazing how much thrust/power he gets from that slow moving rotating prop...!!! LOL
The polished metal finish on the P - 51 looks tremendous against a backdrop of airfield and sky.
Impressive and professional.
Bill Yoak made all the sheet metal panels by hand.
Scooter Yoak and pilot of Quick Silver is my son's friend and fraternity brother. He has helped them at several airshows and he said that anytime a veteran wants to sit in the plane they are welcome to do so. They have also given rides to veteran P-51 pilots and my son said the looks on the veteran's faces when they return is priceless. The story on Quick Silver and Bill Yoak is worth the read.
Did he really need to use the oxygen mask and full visor for the aerobatics?
perhaps not, but the aircraft does have a fairly high ceiling. And a visor is always good for shading the sun.
I'd hazard a guess that he makes use of the oxygen mask while ferrying the plane, and finds it easier to just keep using it during the show instead of carrying along a separate boom mic or something.
When you get your own P-51 and put it through a aerobatics demonstration, you can do it wearing a feathered Fedora hat. Until then you're stuck watching this video.
jbqwik 0
what Torsten said. Try enjoying the video and keep the smarty comments.
A a viewer commented on the Foxtrot Alpha video page, the post war roundal and the 06Jun44 scheme are not just odd, but to me totally incorrect/oxymoronic. Why would a simply beautiful P-51D build culminate in an inaccurate application of scheme from two different eras? It tainted an otherwise fantastic presentation.


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