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Judge throws out United Airlines lawsuit against 22-year-old

United Airlines (UAL) and Orbitz (OWW) had filed a civil lawsuit in November against Aktarer Zaman, a young computer whiz from New York City, who launched a website called to help people buy cheap plane tickets. Chicago Judge John Robert Blakey of the Northern District Court of Illinois said the court didn't have jurisdiction over the case because Zaman didn't live or do business in that city. The dismissal "is definitely a victory," Zaman told CNNMoney.… ( 기타...

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Tough darts. Airlines have been raking in gigantic profits, not that there is anything wrong with that and flying is now a "hold your nose grin and bear it" experience...
I equate this method of travel to black jack card counting.
Casinos tried to kick card counters out but failed.
Air carriers write their own rules to maximize profits and seeming to maximize passenger discomfort.
If airlines would be consumer friendly and set prices based on what it actually costs to serve a destination, the hidden city "fares" would vanish. Instead they take advantage of passengers flying to places where there are fewer competitors. Silly routings like LAX to IAD to MCO would vanish too. Cities on the great circle to a desired destination could be stop overs, but the price should be the same as a single ticket or two tickets.
I don't see anything wrong with this guy who is just trying to do business and at the same time help people getting cheap plane tickets.Not many of those travellers out there can afford high plane's ticket. I definitely think this is the answer.
Ken Lane 2
As best I can tell, SWA is the only one that doesn't play that game. And their scheduling is proprietary so it cannot be accessed by other systems.

They'll keep my business as long they're going my way.
Sounds like his other senses work better than his legal sense -- lawsuit thrown out for jurisdiction is hardly a victory... they will just re-file it in NYC....
A court has jurisdiction of a case if any party does business within said court's jurisdiction. Sounds like a judge who didn't want to be bothered.
Not necessarily, from what I've read. e.g.
On the other hand I can see companies who lose suits like this hiring people to hack and destroy these type websites.
TWA55 1
Dog eat dog world, and as for the industry, profits may be good today, but it won't be long till reality brings everyone back down to Earth. Airlines have a bad habit of wasting their profits at the drop of a hat, and maybe that's why so many end up out of business and in court looking for some sort of relief only to bit the dust at some point down the road. It's like a dog who can't stop chasing his tail.
If this guy can find cheaper fares by deplaning prior to the final destinatoion, than the airline and it's computer should be able to counter that. The posted fare is paid. and they want the opportunity that they dealt away.
bandit26 -1
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Court tosses United Airlines lawsuit over a cheap ticket website

United Airlines can't sue Skiplagged for exposing a loophole in ticket prices... at least, for now.


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