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Sneaky smoker cops fine and ban from Jetstar airways

A jetstar A320 airbus had to make a emergency landing and divert to Newcastle Military base 30 nm south of YSSY yestarday. What trigger the incident as the aircraft descended from FL280 to FL12,000ft over the central NSW area on approach into YSSY. the crew had received a smoke warning indication at the rear toilet section of the aircraft,which the crew decided to divert to Newcastle AFB which emergency services were awaiting the arrival of the A320. It landed safely. In court today the… ( 기타...

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Lot's easier for Jetstar to blame it on a sneaky smoker rather than mechanical.
An intermittent short circuit could be characterized as a 'sneaky smoker', sidstepping reporting requirements.
Jim Quinn -1
That's a really good point. I hadn't thought of that one! But now you mention it, it would seem to be fairly easy to have found an offending passenger who ducked into the lav for a quick smoke, wouldn't it? Someone with fresh cigarette smoke on their clothing, in their breath and hair should have been easy to point out....
Thank goodness this idiot got what he deserved. Maybe Qantas or Virgin should place that ban on him as well. You always get some complete foolish person trying to in danger the lives of others not respect at all. Serves him right.
According to the article, they did not catch them.
They did catch the idiot mate he was taken off the crapstar airline or aircraft by AFP and escorted to the police station for questioning and charged. He will appear in court next month
Not according to this story. Maybe another but not in this one. Read it again. Headline is misleading
Preacher1 is correct. Here's the very first line of the story, "A PASSENGER who lit up in the loo of a Jetstar flight from the Gold Coast to Sydney will get off lightly if caught." Note the all important words, "...if caught."
If they didn't catch the person, who are the fining $850 and banning from flying on Jetstar in the future?
No compassion for this idiot.. They know better...
Does the smoke of electronic cigarette have a smell?

Following a few accidents with fire started from electronic cigarette lighting up by themselves IATA has made recommendations about these devices.
Jetstar airways are always looking for excuses to blame the passenger and yes the pilots react or over react as well. I know what passengers put up with at a few busy aussie airports YSSY/YBBN/YMML/YPPH/YPAD they don't really give a crap but they talk it very well. Did you all know these poor passengers had to bus it to YSSY?. Yet the aircraft was back in the air after they had gone from Newcastle AFB it went back to the Gold Coast with the same crew. Now wonder people avoid a cheap budget airline like this. You will be more stressed out just getting through check out or the check in without the huge amount of lies and excuses they use. He is an example if the plane has less then half of it's passenger capacity. the cancel the flight and up load you to the next flight which is cramped. The excuse is the plane has a maintenance issue yet the bloody thing leaves 1 hour later full. Not bad.
Everything here speaks of the costs to the airline and the fine that could be imposed upon the offender. What about the costs to the other passengers? I'd be really ticked off if I'd been on that flight. Weather, maintenance, etc. are excusable. Smoking is not. He (or she), if convicted, should be made to compensate the others on board and it should be enough to hurt his wallet.
Agreed! Diversion cost + damages to passengers, especially if they missed connections. Then ban him for 10 years from flying.
Pileits 1
How about having a smoking room at the back of the aircraft.
takes up seat room
Not to mention air filter longevity in the pressurization and air-conditioning system.
that use to happen in the good old days of PAN AM TWA BRANIFF smoking cigars was a linger through the economy cabin area. Once the planes were maintenance when the workeers walked into the aircraft they stunk of cigarette smaell and couldn't get rid of it that's why smoking is band.
Good on the pilots for prompt action after the smoke indication. All of the trucks rolled and a nearest airfield diversion are very common these days since Swissair.
No need taking a chance. We are pilots, not mx. It is one thing to use a little common sense if something is obvious or non emergency like the DAL crew got into the other day on the hydraulic but most stuff ain't that cut and dried.
elcockm -1
i think he should be banned from flying. Not obeying rules so crazy
if you fly crapstar you get what you pay for
According to this article, you get fastidious pilots who correctly react to fire/smoke indications with decisiveness.


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