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Argentinian Pilots allow Model to fly in cockpit, handle controls

Model posts the video online, madness ensues. Airline confirmed that both pilots were "dismissed" today according to AvHearld. Jump to 4:00 for the takeoff. ( 기타...

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btweston 4
They let her "handle the controls," eh?
Quick! Use the manual inflation nozzle!
She may be a looker but this chatty cathy with an irritating voice could make you regret being cooped up in a cockpit with her even without the opportunity to search for a new job and possibly a new wife. Lol
Haha, I think I heard the captain trying to "Shh" her several times. I think that's about as far from sterile as you can get
96flstc 2
Big head listening to the little head.
chalet 2
This airline is owned by the Argentinian government and it losses average 3/4 BILLION U.S. DOLLARS a year. They have twice as many "pilots" than necessary, 3-4 employees per job when 2 would be plenty and all of them have to be members of the Argentinian president's party (that ugly woman named Cristina Kerchner). No wonder that the entire country is in hell now.
chalet 2
Losses 3/4 (75%) of a billion, not 3 or 4 bill.
Wrong head guiding the situation. Probably more problems here than job loss. Gotta explain to wife also. Stupid is as stupid does.
elcockm 1
yeap with people's lives on board dumb eh?
What's our vector Victor?
muy profesional, no?
Not sure what the heck is going on ...but if these idots let a person fly their aircraft with NO EXPERIENCE...then yes fire their asses!!
just shaking my head ...
Nothing can go wrong, nothing can go wrong, nothing ca#$%%#@#@%@#$%#%$
I think I'll just fly on United States-based airlines, thank you!


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