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Man ordered off Air New Zealand flight from NZWN to YBBN

Yet another foolish idiot played up on a flight across the Tasman. I cannot believe how a thug like this can do this to another passenger seated in front of him. There is no excuse for such abuse towards another passenger and crew members. NZ871 from NZWN/WLG to YBBN/BNE was at FL13000FT on decent approach into Brisbane when a drunken boozed up passenger stared kicking forcing his foot onto another passengers chair as it was not in the up right position. If this thug would have had the manners… ( More...

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leeyein501 5
I don't blame anz for this. people like this who play up in flight should get a jail term not a fine who is to say he will do this again
30west 2
How about the offended airline put the bad actors on its own "no seat for you" list.
btweston 1
Jail? I bet you're a riot at parties.
Highflyer1950 2
Seat back does not pose a problem for any passenger. " when the flight attendant makes the announcement ....put the seat in it's upright position in preparation for landing, do just that. The guy behind you just needs to practice patience.
parisram007 2
Seat up right position for landing. Of course that's correct what would the fool do in business class complain he has to much room? What a real clucker flucker Is there such a word Ha Ha😃😃 also FL130?
J.D. Klingman 1
The space shuttle orbits at about FL13150, so I understand his fear about a decent descent approach from that altitude.
ADXbear 1
And this is world wide news why?
Because anz is the number one world ranked airline and passengers like this get disgruntled why? I have no idea. I hope the AFP gave him a real hard time.
parisram007 1
No they have being beaten by Qarter air
Torsten Hoff 1
>> 'FL13000FT" "DECENT APPROACH", this is terrifying

I suppose it could have been worse, it could have been an indecent approach...
ynot ssor 1
Hopefully he didn't hurt his eyeballs too much when when he "stared kicking" the seat back.
Jason Miller 1
'FL13000FT" "DECENT APPROACH", this is terrifying
30west 2
Not out of the ordinary, we ran the "Descent and Approach" checklist leaving FL180 at my airline. For international ops were the Transition Level could be lower the FL180, "altimeters" was included on the before landing checklist. The next checklist, the before landing checklist, was run after the gear was put down typically at the OM/FAF or passing 1500' on a visual approach.
El Kabong 1
He was referring to the spelling. DECENT vs DESCENT.
arbvl 0
Why do people understand that it is either FL130, or 13000ft. It's not both, nor is it Fl13000, unless it's in space
30west 3
I think that you need to give Jason a break, he is a student pilot and in the early stages of his learning experience. We were all there at one point and eager to learn, not be criticized. BTW, FL600 is the highest Flight Level, space doesn't count.
So, you're saying that they do understand...


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