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Kansas Tornado From 16,000 Feet

A tornado touched down north west of the Air Capitol, and was captured from the right side of a twin at one-six thousand... ( 기타...

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I was happily wrenching away on a 172, and didn't know why the WX alarm kept going off. The hangar doors face east, and it was beautiful out that way. I stepped out of the hangar and saw the darkness to the north; suddenly the squawking wx box made sense.
wx1996 3
Just love the UK tabloid headlines - Flying through a tornado:

Journalism is a dieing skill set that needs to return.
Yeah, a bit of sensationalism there. I couldn't bring myself to copy/paste that headline. Flying Through? No. Passenger? I don't know if Christina Genova was a passenger or co-pilot. Terrifying? Not exactly, unless I was looking to shoot an approach at KHUT at that very moment...
It's not called "The Daily Fail" for nothing.
BurntOut 1
google the pilot (christina genova) and find the 2 pics she took of the tornado. print them out and pop them into a stereoscope viewer. WOW! 3D tornado from 16kft.


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