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The Airbus A350 XWB Visits Delta in Atlanta

Airbus A350 continues gaining momentum. After its presentation during the Paris Air Show and the delivery to Vietnam Airlines -its second worldwide operator- last month, the airliner has now arrived to the United States as part of its tour in the Americas. Up next, United to EWR and ORD. ( 기타...

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Interesting. No AB bashing from our so loyal Boeing crowd?. Both companies produce superb products with different philosophies but ignoring them will not make it go away.
A350 XWB appears to be a superb and innovative aircraft
Innovative? Heck, they went to school on Boeing's learning curve with the 787. BTW, the 350 still has those crappy little Airbus windows
Don't worry, the Airbus bashing will come. Great aircraft from both companies, and this A350 looks like being another winner.
It's another airplane guys. Aside from technology,if you look at economy with a 3-4-3 seating you will still be crammed in like sardines. 90% will never see first class or, for that matter, business class to use those amenities so why imply that this plane is the greatest thing since sliced bread? It is not. It is just ANOTHER AIRPLANE! Look at original picks of 747 with upper deck, 380 with all it's places(supposedly)for the rich and famous. Time to start giving the rest of the small people that pay the bills some consideration.


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