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New $4 Billion Plan for LaGuardia Calls for New Single Terminal Building - Cuomo: ‘We Need to Tear it Down’ and Start Over

New York’s LaGuardia Airport will get more than a makeover, based on a plan announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday. The $4 billion plan calls for demolishing the existing terminals and building one massive new terminal the length of two football fields approximately 600 feet (183 meters) closer to the Grand Central Parkway. The relocation will give the airport badly needed space for flight operations and taxiways. ( More...

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Anyone really believe the $4 Billion number? By the time they finish it will be at least $5 Billion if not more. I'm not saying it isn't necessary but who believes estimates these days.
sam kuminecz 2
I agree with sweatinthswamp
looks like they will spend 4 billion on demolition alone
I live in NYS and taxes are going to go thru the roof and I live on the opposite side of the state!
tappanzee bridge, now this....time to start looking for a home away from this state
Kyle Logan 4
Upstate receives more in taxes from downstate. Maybe we should split up the state ...NYC+westchester+rockland+LI and the you can keep the rest...We can keep our tax $ and you can keep yours.
sam kuminecz 2
has anyone on top thought about how this is going to make congestion worse at KJFK, KEWR, KTEB, and other airports near by?
knowing how Cuomo likes to micromanage things...this will be a nightmare
LGM118 1
Overall capacity at LGA won't really change - the runway configuration is the primary check on capacity at LGA, and the current plan won't change that side of things. It's not like the four airports are completely independent either; all four are managed by PANYNJ and in the N90 TRACON, so there's a coordinated approach.

In the short-term, congestion at all three airports may actually decrease; some gates will have to be taken out of service during construction, so there will probably be fewer flights into/out of LGA while work is ongoing.
Its about damn time that airport is the worst
s2v8377 2

1 cloud
2 planes
3 hour delays
Doug Fehmel 1
After LaGuardia, they need to tear down Kennedy and redo it, too.
sam kuminecz 1
Actually it's just the opposite...the whole state pays for NYC and their cronies
s2v8377 1
A few thoughts on the "like new" LGA!!!

This new terminal complex will take about 300 million years to build!!! Okay in real years at least 15 to 20 years if they're lucky not what they're projecting!!!

The project will end up being tens of billions over budget!!!

There is no plan on how the airport will operate while parts of it are under construction!!! Last time I check gate occupancy at LGA is very high, so where are all the planes going to park while gates are out for construction???!!!

From the pictures there appears to be even less parking than there is now for cars!!! If anyone knows LGA you know there is no parking what so ever especially on the Delta end!!!

The design appears to have no hangers for maintenance for any airline!!!

The best part will be since they're not updating the runway or taxiways there will be the same number of delays!!!

The current LGA really isn't that bad and is just a talking point for our dear elected leaders on slow news days!!! I guess the rats and mosquitos local news stories must have been played out for the week!!!
I'll believe this when I see it........Loooooong overdue ! ;(
Alan Tegel 1
It took 7 years to do a greenfield deployment of the IND airport and $1.1 billion .... and just within the last year or so did they finish the demolition of the old airport ... I can't imagine how long it will take to do this in NY/NJ ..... 20 years?
hal pushpak 1
And sadly, the new IND has turned out to be a bit of a white elephant for the city. Pretty and spacious as it is, it's relatively deserted, what with the airline mergers, etc. It will be way different for a new LGA.
chudddds 1
I just flew into NY, and man, are my arms tired
ken young 1
Try $10 billion....If anyone believes the trade unions are not licking their chops like a dog staring at a steak, believe the opposite. Nothing in NYC gets done on time and within budget.
ken young 1
Sure they do.....
lynx318 1
Anyone else notice the picture in this article is over Riker island looking over Manhattan away from LaGuardia directly over the runway?
lynx318 1
This would have been a reasonably good photo instead.
sam kuminecz 1
"The report was commissioned by the Citizens Budget Commission, a nonprofit civic group based in New York City"
scott8733 1
All I can say is, "bruh". Even if it comes in at budget ( which won't happen), KLGA will still be a crowded mess where 1.5 hour delays will occur when a bug farts incorrectly on the runways.
sam kuminecz 1
Without buffalo Rochester and Syracuse tax money NYC would be chaos...I would love to see that
Kyle Logan 1

But thanks for playing...


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