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Delta on cusp of debuting interior modifications for its Airbus A319s (SLIDESHOW)

“Panasonic in-flight entertainment at every seat, large pivoting overhead bins capable of accommodating 60 percent more carry-on bags, new galleys and an innovative, pod-like overhead passenger service unit highlight just a few of the new amenities designed by Zodiac Aerospace that Delta customers will enjoy,” Delta reported. “The 9 inch high definition seat-back entertainment screens offer more content than any other domestic carrier. Each seat also as 110v and USB power to plug in electronics… ( 기타...

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Not impressed for several reasons...

1.) Blue Lights (Personally they hurt my eyes)
2.) Not enough Leg Room
3.) All those space age electronic devices need to be maintained... They are too expensive of a gadget and will be more problems than they are worth.

You will note that one guy is showing in an image how easy the over head bins are to close... UGH, 1) they are new, 2) It is empty, 3) there is a lot of monkey motion that will break after some stupid flight attendants prove their bruit force in closing it, and then they are going to get ugly real quick because of deferrals, and required maintenance.
rjb4000 0
You should send your sound engineering assessment to Richard Anderson ASAP. I'm sure he's concerned that introducing blue lights might kill their $3 billion operating income completely..
At 6'1" I'd also like to see more leg room. Of course, I can get it... if I'm willing to pay for economy comfort (or whatever they're calling it). My point is that, recent news about airline collusion aside, this is a fairly competitive market. If it's possible to make a fair profit with more comfortable planes, someone will do it.

Right now, we get what the market demands. Think about it, if you're paying for your own ticket, are you willing to pay $200 more for a one or two hour flight when a competitor offers similar times, albeit with less leg room? I think that for most people, in most cases, the answer is no.
10jw 2
There isn't enough leg room for a teenager! They're going to need those extra capacity overheads.
Nice, but when will airlines consider that most people are over 5ft 7in. We need more legroom on all flights ...
I agree w/ Jeffrey. If you don't make more leg room why bother with anything else. Airlines keep squeezing 2" off every place they can find. I fly private 99% of the time and despise flying commercial. There are times I'll will drive vs fly commercial. Airlines make $$ with fuel prices lower but you don't see fuel discount rebates, but when fuel goes up you see a fuel surcharge. Granted it cost airlines a lot of $$ to keep planes in the air, but somewhere they need to learn how to treat customers. My last commercial flight I spent 7 hrs waiting for a broken airplane and they kept telling us working on it. I could see the plane panel off and nothing happening. Spam in a can sardines.


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