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Simple wave: Feel good video of the day

A boy waves at a Southwest Airlines airplane and gets a surprise . . . ( 기타...

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Geoff Cook 20
This is why US airports should have observation decks! Most of us have our love of aviation because we were taken to the airport by our parents! This kid throws a wave and ends up getting a tour! Well done Southwest!!
Totally agree! At my local airport the police kindly ask persons standing at the fence to leave. What a shame.
edgeair 2
My airport has a small parking lot at the end of the runway. its unimproved except for a few trash cans, but there is no sign. If you didn't know about it, you probably wouldn't be able to find it. They are great to have, but they need to be known to the public.
What a great statement about Southwest. I have been professional pilot for 50 years or so, I remember how important I felt when at age 7 I was allowed into the cockpit of a United DC-4, in flight, no less. Better days, for sure. But that cockpit visit probably did more to inspire a 1/2 century career flying, pounding rivets, and engineering than anything else. Thanks, Captain!
Yep, I was in an American Airlines L-188 Electra around 1960. Man next to my mom and I was a former AF Colonel. He gave his card to the 'Stewardess' and we went to the cockpit. We were about 150 miles form DC and will never forget. Also given a polished 'gold plated' AA full size ruler.
jbqwik 5
Southwest crew and staff seem more content with their jobs than those of other carriers. It's my carrier of choice when I have a choice.
Ray Dahl 4
At NWA the company provided ‘baseball cards’, flight specific aircraft on front, stats on the back. I certainly enjoyed handing them out to kids…and adults if they asked!
I remember a few years ago, I said hi to the two pilots who were the pilots that would later pilot me and my family to Florida, but when we got on the plane, the same pilots greeted me and took me in the cockpit. They let me turn on the rotating beacon light and make a cabin announcement. When we landed in Sarasota, I was taken into the cockpit again and got to shut off the plane, and they gave me the flight status as a souvenir, that flight got me into aviation a lot more.
If this doesn't describe LUV I don't know what does!!!
Great job Captain!
Someone plants the seed and these days airports grind it in the dirt.Not all but mostly the big ones.No time anymore for nurturing future pilots and just to many security concerns.My suggestion if you really want to get kids into aviation and flying take them to your local GA airport and if you just happen to be a pilot and a dad don't be selfish share.
this was all in A Gordon's "Naked Airport"--by the 70s they'd become fortresses where all you could do was "hurry up and wait" under the fluorescent lights: airports became a mere sitting-place rather than a place to go TO
The only other thing enjoyable about flying these days other than looking out the window is chatting with the pilots in the cockpit before departure. In the 60 odd years i have had that privilege i still marvel and am warmed by these folk's love of their art and their willingness to share.
Recognize from the video that is KABQ, use to go to the observation deck there quite a bit growing up, even on a boring summer day, my parents would take me out there and we could set outside on the roof for hours watching planes.
Here In Detroit, The Airplanes Taxi By The Parking Deck And Then Line Up With The Runway, If You Wave At The Pilots, They Will Wave Back.
While I do not recall ever getting to visit the cockpit of an airliner back when I was that age, I do remember getting to sit in different aircraft during open houses at the bases we were stationed at while my Pops was in the AF.

Over the years, when possible, we would go to the local airport and to the observation deck (Patrick Henry International Airport had one on the old terminal) to watch the planes. Of course, times have changed and they have removed such. At least at Atlanta, the concourses overlook the runways at each end and kids have a chance to watch planes land and take off.

Kudos to the pilot for making a kid's day and getting him into aviation.
Some additional text and video here.
This additional blog and the news story on it is just as heart-warming, maybe more!
As an enthusiast, I always ask for the block and wheels up/down times for the flight! I usually end up on the flight deck and get my card and wings! lol
Well done Captain well done indeed.
vintz81 2
This pilot has fulfilled the dream of a child.
This was just a reminder that it is up to us to inspire the next generation of aviators as we were no doubt inspired. A simple wave can go a long way ;)
Now somebody just needs to tell this kid not to wear a polka dot tie with a plaid shirt.
I still have a BOAC 'flight log' from around 1960 when I was 5. Has a couple pilot signatures and aircraft and flight info from a trip to Australia.
oowmmr 1
When that Captain was the boys age he was, no doubt, just as enthusiastic.
I took my boys to the observation room of KSAT in the old terminal two weeks before they tore it down. But KSAT does allow people to go to the top floor of long term and hang out for free. Lot's of plane spotters go up there to snap pics.
Good thing there was a camera waiting to record it all! ;-)
Bill Fox 1
You have to LUV Southwest, please come to Burlington VT, and great job Captain
bettiem 1
A great video but I don't understand the warning banner, "This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing" above its YouTube Comments panel.
Bill Fox 1
absolutely, Albany NY really has two, one inside and another spot where you can park and watch planes, I now live in Burlington and many planes come right over my house so I guess my deck is where I get to see them, plus we have 18 F16's stationed here and F35's on the way
This video warmed my heart, to see the captain show kindness to this little child who has a dream! And I must say, the comments I've seen here are all very kind, and I'd like to thank each of you who have posted something nice. It is very refreshing to say the least, as so many comments these days are negative, off-topic and just plain rude. I like SWA even more now -)
Bill Fox 1
I grew up near Philly airport and my parents took us there to watch planes, no wonder I have been selling radar/video/graphics systems to the military avaiation (and Navy) for 30 plus years, and I studied accounting in college LOL
Ken Lane 1
There was a spot by Lambert I hung out as a kid. That whole area is so different, I don't have a clue where it used to be. Now, there's nothing.
Isn't it nice to come across something like this with all the horrible things going on in the news?
I went two years in a row to Asia for an orchestra tour. Both times I upgraded myself and got to sit close to the cockpit, and both times the plane was delayed at the gate. Finally, both times a pilot was hanging out, making friendly conversation and invited me to sit down in the cockpit! These were United 747's. Nice. The other time I got to sit in a cockpit was on a charter flight (again an orchestra tour, and obviously before 9/11). The pilot asked if anyone was interested in coming up there for a while. I made a beeline before he finished his sentence, and got to stay until descent.


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