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What goes on at Brisbane airport with arrogant passengers before they board there plane

Brisbane has lately become the seen of frustrated bad tempered passengers at airline counters before the even board there plane. Once there up in the air many incidents happen and don't get out to the media. Yesterday a SIA flight SQ245 left YBBN/BNE bound for WSSS at midnight AEST time. Many were Australian's heading for WSSS others were continuing onto EGLL. One women with three children continued to whining and complain because she wanted a upgrade to business class. The staff had… ( 기타...

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Yes be there done that and seen the good the bad and the ugly side of things. But lovely terminal. Passengers like this should be put off the flight way before they get aboard
Just say yes, we have room in Business class, how would you like to pay for it? Othersisa, You pay for economy you sit in economy, simple.
ooops, sorry. spell check....damn Ipad. should read " Otherwise"
"What goes on at Brisbane airport with arrogant passengers before they board there plane".... 'There?' Come on...
Nobody would give up business class for a rude foul mouthed Australia bubbling over nothing. She should have checked her status points and her membership before making a loud noise for nothing


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