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Zimbabwe holds US cargo plane after a body was found on board

Zimbabwean authorities impounded a cargo plane carrying a consignment for the South African Reserve Bank after a body was discovered on board. “The police are now handling the issue and the plane, which is owned by Western Global Airlines, has been grounded at Harare International Airport since Sunday,” Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer David Chawota said by phone. “The cargo in the plane belongs to the South African Reserve Bank,” Chawota said. He wouldn’t disclose… ( 기타...

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Hope the body was Mugabe
More likely DisGrace left Joice there so that "the dogs and fleas wouldn't disturb the carcass". One thing is certain; Uncle Bob won't know anything about any missing Krugers.
Well I guess "Mega Death" still holds true...
The plane was released on Saturday February 20.
canuck44 1
Zimbabwe? Good luck seeing any of that money back.
Latest update - the body is suspected to be a stowaway:


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